Reduction from 20 to 24-pin connector?

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vilo999 Posted: Tue, Jan 4 2005 4:34 PM
I have an mercury 400W power supply but i think i need a new one. It is happening to me that WHILE the pc is ON, one of my disks will TURN OFF. I will hear a "click" and then the disk will start spinning again. Then when i open some file from the disk that have just restarted, the machine will freeze. And the data on that drive(the file that i tried to open) will become corrupted. Thas the worst on this disk-shutting down. I have read the PSU basics post, but didnt find any answers to this three questions.

Do i need an new power supply? I think the answer is definitely yes, but for sure, here are the specs written on the psu:
+3.3V - 28A
+5V - 40A
+12V - 17A

I have 2 hdds(ultra ata),2 cdroms(uata), msi gforcefx 5900xt(one connector), two case fans. And some pci cards. Of course cpu fan. The power supply is also wery hot. Id costed me about 26 USD.

What is the safe voltage fluctuation at VCORE? My vcore is 1.408V when idle. Then when i play 7 videoclips simulateously AND prime95 tortue test, the VCORE drops to 1.328V. I'm checking that using asus probe wich came with the motherboard. Thats too much drop isnt it? Also, this new pc is freezing EXACTLY the same as the old one. My theory is, that when the VCORE lowers under some critical voltage, the CPU will freeze due to low voltage. Can this be true? What's the safe voltage fluctuation?

Finally to the title of the post. My motherboard comes with a 24-pin power connector. My power supply has an 20-pin connector. Not only that, i am unable to find an 24-pin power supply in my city. All i found is an reduction from 20-pin to 24-pin. I asked if it is compatible with my mercury psu. They said something like "if you will connect this reduction to your mercury power supply, you will burn it. For this you need a better psu" They offered me an ENERMAX power supply BUT still with 20-pin connector and said "on this power supply it will work fine". So i am asking WHY cant the mercury handle the reduction? It then must have a side effect? Whats the side effect of the reduction that it needs an strong PSU? Is it warming? If Yes, how many C will it increase the temperature of ENERMAX power supply?

Please reply, and sorry for grammar in this post. Thanks.
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Jordan replied on Thu, Jan 6 2005 9:53 AM
Mercury arn't exactly known for quality PSUs so I'd upgrade for that reason alone. I think the guys in the shop were just trying to sell you an Enermax too, to make more money. What about buying online?

The VCore fluctuating isn't usually a problem. The problem you are having is probabaly to do with the HD. If it is having problems when idle due to lack of power, when you are running load and the CPU and graphics card start to really draw some power then the PC would just crash.
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vilo999 replied on Sun, Jan 9 2005 6:10 AM
So you are saying that i can safely buy an 20-pin power supply and use it in my motherboard? For what reason then do the motherboards have an 24-pin connector? Whats the difference?

online buying - i really dont have any option to buy online.

VCore - yes my pc is crashing(not so often a bluescreen, almost always it freezes). It freezes randomly, but for sure it freezes when i try to read something from just-restarted HDD. I think that all of this would be the crappy power supply problem. The HDD also restarts randmoly, but only the second hdd(slave)
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