Hit the nail right on the head (Plextor 24x10x40)

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point Posted: Tue, Oct 9 2001 11:59 AM
Props to the HH reviewers!

You guys hit the nail right on the head with your review of the plextor 24x10x40.

i've had mine since september 6th (my b-day) and love the drive to death. it is preeeemo. You should compare the 20x10x40 yamaha drive w/ the plextor as a "compare & contrast" so the readers can see the differences between the two (plextor with its active cooling, and yamaha with its vent holes which end up causing sound vibrations)

sorry, i'm a plextor man
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Hey Point.....Got a question for you....I'm going to get a new system with a pentium4 2gig......Will the 16x10x40 DVD be able to send info fast enough to the Plex to be able to do whole disk to disk cd copies at 24x? Will 40x cut it? Or do I need a 56x or my Kenwood 72x?


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