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Cyric Posted: Thu, Apr 13 2000 1:24 AM
Well, its time for me to do some more mods on my case, and one thing that I've noticed is, it looks... drab.. well, I've seen some pics on the net of people painting their cases, and I was wondering if anyone here has, and what it takes... such as if it needs to be sanded.. I'm pretty sure I have to primer it.. and is there any concerns about painting the inside, such as heat retainment...

I'm planning on doing this saturday, and sunday if need be.. I'll be updating my webpage on how things go.. You can check out my webpage, which gives full specs of my system..

Cyric the Immortal.
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go to this site its a newsgroup post. It is a bit overkill in my opinion but will give you a good idea of the best you can do as far as painting goes. [url=""][/url]

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