Your Next PC Won't Be A MID

With all of the recent hype and buzz surrounding netbooks, Intel's Atom processor, VIA's Nano processor, and mobile computing in general, we decided to put up a poll a little while back asking about your next PC purchase. We asked whether your next PC would be a desktop system, notebook, netbook, MID (mobile internet device), SmartPhone, or another type of computing device.

If you pay attention to recent market trends that show mobile systems outselling desktops, you'd probably surmise that notebooks and netbooks would be the most popular choices, but that didn't turn out to be the case in our poll. In fact, notebooks and netbooks combined received fewer votes than the desktop option. And despite a seemingly never-ending supply of iPhone related stories, SmartPhones were decidedly low on the list as well.

As of the time of this writing, we had received nearly 4000 votes--not an insignificant number. And of those votes, 56% planned to buy a new desktop system, 23% percent a new notebook, 14% a new netbook, and the rest of the field shared the remaining 8% (yes, I know that doesn't add up to exactly 100%; the discrepancy is due to rounding errors in our polling engine).

So, what do these numbers tell us? Well, for one, the PC enthusiast community marches to the beat of their own drum and doesn't necessarily follow the overall market trend. Although notebooks and netbooks are becoming increasingly more popular with general consumers, the majority of PC enthusiasts still plan to buy new desktop systems. Why? We didn't ask, but we suspect performance, upgradeability, and the satisfaction of building their own rigs are large contributors to their decisions.

More surprising than the desktop vs. notebooks comparison, however, are the MID and SmartPhone results. I personally view MIDs and SmartPhones as accessories to a desktop PC and thought many HotHardware readers would as well. Having had firsthand experience with a number of MIDs and SmartPhones, I came to the conclusion that neither would ever replace my PC, but I could definitely see the value in each and plan to purchase a MID at some point to compliment my PC. Personally, I couldn't function normally without my SmartPhone any longer, and suspected they'd be a more popular choice in the poll. For MIDs, the outlook is more bleak. It looks like they won't be selling very well with enthusiasts at all--at least not yet.

What say you? Will the majority of your technology purchases revolve around your desktop PC, or is there another type of device in your future?

Posted Mon, Oct 6 2008 5:14 PM by Marco C


ice_73 wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Mon, Oct 6 2008 7:29 PM

not to bash on your parade but the poll was a bit unclear...

you cant use a mid, or smart phone to do what a normal pc or laptop can! so its a bit confusing to me... sure if all you do is check and write email you can get by but if you want to lets say play chess over the internet via java.... most likely your smart phone cant do that. and if you want to play a game or do a good word document.

smart phones and other such tinny portables are mostly used to tie in the gap between home and work. so you dont miss that important email or you can check those new stock quotes.

my 0.02

kid007 wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Mon, Oct 6 2008 7:48 PM

Marco I was one of those that vote, into a desktop and from personal experience this is what i could say.

Laptop are awesome I thought that i was sold but it is not the same is like fooling yourself and saying wait this could really multitask and the reality is not.

that was my biggest turn off of having a laptop! and got back into the desktop world. I think even though sales for laptop have grown. they will never be or replace desktop!

Dev wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Tue, Oct 7 2008 9:26 AM

I would agree that there is always a place for desktops. Laptops though I disagree, can multitask. Obviously it depends on the laptop but conventional laptops i.e those above the $1,000 bar can easily run several applications at once with little flexing. At least my MacBook can anyhow.

bob_on_the_cob wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Tue, Oct 7 2008 9:44 AM

I would love to own a netbook for lounging and surfing. I don't like paying the rates for internet on my cell. I voted for desktop because like you said everything will always revolve around my desktop.

amdcrankitup wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Tue, Oct 7 2008 10:29 AM

Everything revolves around my desktop! My cell phone is primarily just to send and receive call, sometimes I text just a basic phone.Laptop would be nice to have but not a need to me at this point!

3vi1 wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Tue, Oct 7 2008 9:55 PM

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I didn't really know what a MID was.  

It seems the definition really blurs over everything other than the desktop option.  I mean, everything else is mobile, eh?

Until voice recognition / interaction is perfected, I expect to do most of my computing from the desktop.  I can type a lot faster, and fit a lot more on the screen this way.

Marco C wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Wed, Oct 8 2008 10:33 AM

I agree that input / interface are the biggest obstables for MIDs.  "Having the entire Internet" in your pocket--I think--would appeal to a lot of people, but not if input is difficult, the screen is sub-par, etc.

ice_73 wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Thu, Oct 9 2008 8:54 PM

i can see it now... do you have internet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me :-p

digitaldd wrote re: Your Next PC Won't Be A MID
on Mon, Oct 13 2008 8:40 AM

How about a low power system with at least a 2.5ghz dual core CPU. good starting point would be a35W or 45 watt CPU..

However technically a smartphone is a MID no, unless you want to single out nice devices like the n810 tablet from Nokia or the iPod Touch.