iBuypower Chimera 4SE FX Ultimate: AMD Gaming PC

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Based on the Unigine game engine, the Unigine Heaven and Valley benchmarks take users through dramatic 3D tours of exotic environments, complete with dynamic skies, tessellation, and SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion).

Unigine Heaven and Valley Benchmarks
DX11 Gaming
Unigine Heaven
Unigine Heaven provides heavy tessellation use and a dynamic sky to stress modern graphics cards. The Valley benchmark, on the other hand, is loaded with vegetation. The benchmark tours a forest thick with flowers, boulders, and rivers. We ran the test at 1920 x 1080, on Ultra Quality and with the Extreme Tessellation option.  

The iBuypower Chimera 4SE FX Ultimate started strong with the Heaven and Valley benchmarks, landing behind only CyberPower’s super-charged Gamer Xtreme 5200 – and even then, by fewer than 5 frames per second in most cases. But keep in mind that the Chimera is sporting two full HD Radeon 7970s to the Xtreme’s single, dual-GPU 7990.

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