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Toshiba Thrive 7 Review, Honeycomb at 7 Inches

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Next, we'll take a look at how the Toshiba Thrive 7 compares to other tablets by running a few common benchmarks that are currently available in the Android Marketplace.  The first two tests are general purpose computing type benchmarks.

CPU testing
Android CPU testing

Linpack measures floating point compute power of the Android operating system and the processor driving it. Here, all of our Tegra 2 based competitors running Android 3.2 appear to be pretty much on par with each other, though the Thrive 7 did bring up the rear by a small margin.  The Tegra 3 tablet has an obvious performance advantages with NVIDIA's new quad-core System-on-a-Chip.

SunSpider tests the tablet's Javascript performance, and since Javascript is widely used around the web, this test is loosely indicative of browser performance with each of the slates we tested.  Here the Thrive 7 once again falls right in line with other Tegra 2-based tablets in its class but the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus' Exynos SoC (and some tweaks on the software side) shows a significant performance advantage.

With BrowserMark we see a similar outcome.  The Thrive 7 rolls in with the rest of the Tegra 2 tablets, but can't catch either the Transformer Prime Tegra 3 based slate or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

Graphics Testing
Android graphics testing


GLBenchmark is new to our 3D performance benchmark set.  The test suite is an OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark with a number of performance metrics incorporated in it.  We specifically use the Fill Texture Fetch suite to measure raw texture fill rate of a graphics core and the Egypt Off Screen test to measure 3D performance in frames per second.  The Off Screen test renders workloads at 1280x720 for all devices, but off-screen, so Vsynch and screen refresh are not limiting performance.

Once again, in both versions of this 3D graphics benchmark, the Toshiba Thrive 7 puts out scores that are on par with competitive Honeycomb-based Tegra 2 solutions. 

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Good review. Didnt know they were even coming out with a seven inch tablet. Seven seems too small to me and ten a tad too large. Id love to see more 8-9 inch tablets, hopefully something with a quad.

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 I wish i could get one without cameras. Almost perfect. Geeked

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This Thrive 7 looks to be an alright tablet altogether. i like the extra HDMI, and USB capabilities. although i would feel alot better about the Thrive 7 if the camera was a bit bigger than just two MegaPixels. mabe at least five on the front webcam would be nice, so when you do facetime, the faces arent all blurry.

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This tablet looks ok and probably a pretty good all-around tablet but i still don't think it's going to be better than the samsung galaxy 7.0 plus. Toshiba just doesn't make the most quality tablets and they are always kinda bulky in my opinion with more options than my laptop. People want tablets to be super portable and to do a few things well. I just feel that Toshiba has a few things backwards and i recommend taking a look at some good android tablet reviews at

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If you need a WIFI tablet that you can take along almost amywhere, you will probably want a 7" tablet. Among those, the most useful currently on the market is the Toshiba Thrive 7.

Setup: Flawless and easy.

Price: Although this tablet costs roughly double that of the Kindle Fire (for example), its higher price is more than justified. Very sharp high res screen; fast; lots and lots of potential storage memory; Android Honeycomb 3.2 operating system; full access to the Android marketplace.

Email and other applications: Fast.

Aesthetics: Your choice--do you favor the Thrive 7's rugged body with a sure grip or a competitor's shiny body that may slip from your hands and break? Shiny and broken is bad.

Power connector: Overlook the fact that the Thrive 7's connector is large, dumb, and proprietary. No product is perfect.

Battery charge longevity: Excellent.

Screen size: Once you accept the fact that a 7" tablet is a compromise compared to a 10" tablet, remember that 7" can go almost anywhere. My wife can put her Thrive 7 into all her pocketbooks. Try that with a 10" tablet.

Camera: Very sharp and accurate, although there is a noticeable shutter lag.

CONCLUSION: The Toshiba Thrive 7 is pretty much as advertised; at a reasonable price; with no real competition yet.

My advice, if you're will buy the Toshiba Thrive 7, I suggest you have to compare prices before you decide at:

Hope this review helpful.

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