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Thecus N5200BR NAS Server

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Thecus provides an adequate retail bundle to help facilitate the complete setup and operation of the N5200BR NAS Server.  Along with a requisite setup CD, Thecus includes a multilingual Quick Installation Guide that covers the initial setup of the unit.  The system also comes with a 10' Cat 5e network cable, a standard power cord, hard drive mounting screws and five keys for locking each of the hard drive bays.


Encased in a black enclosure with a high gloss bezel, the system is relatively small, comparable to a mini-PC.  The system comes with five lockable, hot-swapable drive bays supporting SATA II hard drives up to 1TB each, with a total of 5TB across all five.  Driving the system is an Intel Celeron M processor running at 600MHz coupled with 256MB of DDR memory; a 90mm system fan cools the entire unit.  The LCD control panel provides vital statistics, such as current Date/Time, RAID status, IP addressing and Fan status while manual clock and IP settings can be configured via the controls at the bottom of the LCD.  To the left of the drive bays are Power and Reset buttons. When pressed for 5 seconds, the Reset switch will reset the system's IP and administrator password while a quick press will reboot the system.


Above the Power switch is a USB port for connecting a USB printer, drive or other supported device.  Above the USB port are various indicators lights to provide users with basic system status cues.  The top most item is the DOM LED which glows orange when the system is posting or when an upgrade is in progress.  The second and third are the WAN and LAN LEDs, both of which flash green during network activity.  The fourth light is a USB Copy LED which provides a solid blue light when files are being copied from a USB drive to the internal array.  Lastly is the BUSY LED which will blink red when the RAID array is either damaged or degraded.

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Looks really good. So many Raid options.,

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The review says "up to 3 TB of storage" several times, but the final summary says "more than 3TB". 

Is there a 3TB limit on this, even though it can hold 5TB of drives?  Is the limit a storage size limit (so, 4x1TB drives in RAID 5 = 3TB effective storage), or a maximum addressable disk space.  I'm assuming that there really isn't any actual limit at all, and that it's just marketing-miscommunication, as it obviously runs linux, and I haven't heard of any such limits.

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 You caught us mid-edit there.  Thecus wrote to say the unit supports up to 5TB with the latest firmware, so we updated the article.

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