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The Origin of Speed: Origin's Genesis Gaming System

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Last week, we brought you a preview of newcomer Origin PC's Genesis desktop and announced a system giveaway (details available here).  At that time we noted that "there's a new company joining the ranks of boutique system builders with customization options that could turn the head of even the most die-hard DIY-er. The paint is scarcely dry on the Origin logo—the business opened on November 17th—but the corporation's three founders each spent a decade at Alienware prior to founding Origin. "

Now it's time to investigate the system's actual performance as shipped. With a list price of $4999 as configured, this particular Genesis system is breathing some rarefied air indeed. Our expectations are similarly high; any company marketing a $5000 system has to demonstrate it's got all its bases covered. We were happy with Origin's warranty terms and promise of lifetime support when we previewed the system; let's see if the company's hardware selection and system performance are commensurate with its lifetime support and personalized care.

Origin PC Genesis Desktop Gaming System - As tested, flat black...

Origin PC Genesis Desktop Gaming System
System Specifications

Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHz (base, 3.8GHz Factory OC)


EVGA X58 Classified

Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

6GB Corsair Dominator DDR3

Graphics Cards

2x ATI Radeon HD 5970 

CPU Cooling

Koolance High Performance Liquid Cooling



Hard Drive
Intel 80GB MLC SDD
2x RAID 0 (1TB Western Digital 7200 RPM)

Optical Drive
12X Blu-ray Burner

Logitech G9X Laser Mouse
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

Corsair Obsidian Series 800D
Width: 9.0" (229mm)
Depth: 24"" (609mm)

Height: 24" (609mm)

Power Supply
1200W ThermalTake Toughpower

Available Expansion Slots
1x PCIe x16

1x PCI

1x PCIe (SATA)

Front Panel I/O Ports

4 USB 2.0
1 FireWire 1394A

1 Headset
1 Mic

Rear Panel I/O Ports
1 PS/2 keyboard

1x SPDIF Input

1 CMOS Reset

8 USB 2.0
2 RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet
1 IEEE 1394A
8-channel audio I/O
1 SPDIF Digital/Optical Output

Warranty and Support

1 year limited parts

(2-3 year options available)

Lifetime free online/phone support

Lifetime free labor

Our review unit, in the flesh
Price: $4,999.00 USD (as tested)

As high as the $4,999 price tag is, our tested configuration is scarcely Origin's affordable model; it's possible to build a system using the company's configurator for less than half that price. The rig we've got is obviously meant as a flagship for the company—let's see if Origin has what it takes to hang with the big dogs.    

Origin Cracked Earth paint customization option

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+ -

I wish I had that kind of money. :P

+ -

Some very impressive numbers from the OriginPC. Though I would have liked to see it matched up against similarly configured system, with similar OS.

And as bad as the dual 5970's are in terms of power consumption, it runs a lot cooler and less noisier than the GTX 295.

The CyberPower Gamer Extreme 3000 still remains a decent system for its price point.

+ -

I'd like to see it up against the Voodoo's Omen Portends $7K Gaming Rig and the Maingear F1X series that just came out.

+ -

This config would kill Maingear's F1X 750:

Processor: Origin's Intel i7-920 (3.8GHz Factory OC)   vs F1X's Intel Core i7 975  (OCed to 3.66GHz)

Memory:     Origin's 6GB Corsair 1600MHz                     vs F1X's 12GB 1333 MHz

Video:         Origin's 2xATI Radeon HD 5970                   vs F1X's Dual AMD ATI Radeon HD 5870 in CrossFire

Power:        Origins 1200 Watt                                            vs F1X's 910 Watt

Both have 80 GB SSD's, Blu-Ray burners, etc, for a $159 cheaper.

+ -

Still, it is nice to see them compete, especially when they are coming out at the same time and have similar price points (maybe not the base F1X, you are right there, about $1k cheaper than the test rig origin set HH up with). Anyways, it is hard to beat when it posts performance like that AND comes with the sick paint jobs that Origin has been showing off.

+ -

I agree with gibbersome the memory bandwidth alone of the 1366 920 as well as the PCI-X bandwidth is basically +30% default versus an 1156 chipset system. Then both are overclocked which has a big draw on a low bandwidth system.

+ -

Wow, some crazy speed there. Crazy prices too, though, but it sounds like Origin would be a very, very good company to work with.

On a side note, why were some of the tests scaled down here? For example Crysis? Why not put everything on high, to see just what exactly it can do?

+ -

Plus, this monster comes with dual 5970's! No config that's been mentioned so far comes close to that.

+ -

Wow. The cable management is SICK. And I love the case design. Too many builders make tacky cases.

+ -

And the airflow in the case looks great as well, I counted 5 fans. Yeah, I love the neuron case exterior, just beautiful.

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