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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Tablet Review

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Battery life is an important part of any tablet, and it's clear that Samsung gets that. The larger-than-usual 8,220mAh battery in this device is proof that the company is trying to make its latest slate last as long as possible between charges. In daily use, tapping into the Web, social networks, e-mail, calls, etc., we were easily able to use the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition for a full day. We squeezed around 18 hours of solid use while still having 25% of the battery remaining. It's safe to say that this slate will last you an entire work day off of the charger unless you're tethering for hours on end or using the display as a movie screen all day long.

Under the pressures of the AnTuTu Battery Benchmark, the Note 10.1 2014 Edition topped most of the tablets that we've tested recently, but not the unit's predecessor. This test attempts to max out the processor, and essentially run the device full-tilt until it's exhausted. There's so much horsepower to be tapped in the Note 10.1 2014 Edition, however, that "full-tilt" led to a score that was just shy of the mark set by last year's Note 10.1. Still, this test shows an "extreme" use metric; real-world testing proved that the battery life is indeed better than most Android tablets on the market, despite packing a power-hungry processor and plenty of functionality.

In general, tablets aren't ideal for taking photos. They're too large to use with a single hand, and frankly, they get in the way of people behind you if you're trying to hoist one up to capture a moment. Moreover, they're pretty easy to let slip, and since there's no dedicated shutter button, you'll be awkwardly reaching around to the front of the display to mash the on-screen shutter button. It's clear here that, as with most slates, the camera on the Note 10.1 2014 Edition is mostly an afterthought. That said, we have to confess that we're fairly impressed with the results given the constraints. Most tablet photos are fairly cringe-worthy, but this unit managed to capture shots that had a decent amount of pop and clarity.

Below are a few examples of what the Note 10.1 2014 Edition is capable of. All of the samples here are unedited, and delivered straight out of the camera.

Unedited Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition camera samples; click any to enlarge

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Looks like the software just isn't up to par. If they had made a 10.1RT, it might have been a killer device.

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Speaking of "not up to par", are you really recommending Windows RT? The failed tablet OS that nobody wants? The one that was pulled from store shelves almost as quickly as the MIcrosoft Kin phone?? As nearly every tech site in the world has already stated, there is no compelling reason for a consumer to choose a Windows RT tablet over the more-mature and more-secure offerings running Android and iOS. Plus, the app ecosystem of Windows RT is laughably sad, not even in the same league as Android and iOS.

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Android tablets have 60.8% of 2013 market share.

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I love it 

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Absolutely gorgeous. The stylus pen makes it that much better.

Overall.........I want it!!!!!!!!!

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So does Digital Compass mean GPS?

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get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. It is sooooo much better than the nexus 10 or nexus 7 which I also had. I play highend games, read comics and books and also used to draw and paint and I love it. Bloatware and lag? No lag that I can see and I thrash that machine. The bloatware makes this machine so much more user friendly than the nexus 10 and 7. It's the little things you don't even think about that make the samsung tablet much more fun to use.

Can't praise it enough, more than met my expectations which were very high because I had been researching every tablet for the last six months

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20140208 – My fried shaji is planning to buy a new phone. I told him the regarding the region lock on Samsung NoteIII. He could not belive it.

20140201- Visited my friend Babu at AlKhobar . He was planning to buy a Note3. I advised him Not to buy Note3 since it might not work when he go on india

20140129- Advised my Pakistani friend no to buy Note3 Since it might not work with his PAK Sim card..

20140119-Successfully managed to persuade a canadian in my office to ditch his plan of buying note3 and he bought iphones for him and his wife. See my horror story.

If your are planning to buy a new Samsung phone, please read.

Just give a warning to people tempted to buy android. Other phones dont have this kind of Automatic Network Lock.

If you Buy the Flagship Android Phone Samsung NoteIII and insert a sim card, You will be automatically locked to that network. It locks the phone without any warning. You will realise this lock only when you try to insert another sim card. I bought this phone and travelled to another country . I tried to use another sim card and the phone will not allow. I am forced to pay roaming fees.

Dear Samsung,

I purchased this phone Samsung Note 3 4G from Danube Hypermarket in Riyad. I was thinking I could use this when I go on vacation. I spent 3 days to fully customise all the settings and loaded all my data onto this phone including Google authenticator. After reaching India, I inserted my new SIM in India hoping I could enjoy the vacation with my note3, but to my surprise It is asking for SIM Network Unlock pin. I paid the full amount in cash hoping the phone is not locked to a provider and I can use any SIM or Network As I Like. SIM or Network Lock was not mentioned anywhere on the package. A quick google search revealed that you will be tied to the Network of the First SIM card you insert till you change your phone. Some people in US managed to unlock it with help of their network provider. Frustrated, I gave this phone to Samsung authorized service center at kattappana, KERALA, INDIA. They demanded 2500 rupees to unlock. Since it is very important, I agreed to it. They reset my phone to factory settings. and tried many things. Even after wasting my full day and losing all my settings and data, they could not unlock it. So even after spending 2199 riyals, this thing is essentially a paper weight. I never expected a Microsoft like attitude from you. Please fire that cr*p head who advised you to install such a lock on the Phone.

The Samsung India online customer care is also c*ap. They are saying it is a 4G phone and India’s 3G network is not compatible. When they escalated the issue to the next level, they are saying they cannot help me because this phone is not made in india. Its Hardware and software are from some alien country so they cannot fix it.

I will not again repeat this mistake of buying a samsung phone. but

please send me the network unlock pin for this one .

The imie number is 35750xxxx241973

The Sim currently working is 00966509337689 prepaid SIM from Saudi telecom company (STC)

I am trying to use Airtel Prepaid SIM 00919995398720 from Airtel India.




See the reply from Samsung

In response to your query regarding “Warranty Issue” Samsung note (4G), we would like to inform you that Samsung India does not provides the warranty for the warranty for out of India Products.

However, as per the mentioned query regarding "Country Lock" in your Samsung mobile model GT-P9005, we would like to inform you that every country has different power technology. India worked on AC power technology as per hardware manufacture”

What a Bxxl Sh*t

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