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Samsung ATIV Book 6 Notebook Review

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Until Windows 8.1 ships in October, the ATIV Book 6 will come with a relatively clean version of Windows 8. We say "relatively," because there is definitely some bloatware installed in the factory image. Upon first boot-up, we noticed a Norton pop-up as well as a few other "protection" services eating up resources.

One unique software feature that we wouldn't classify as bloatware is SideSync. It's exclusive to Samsung, and it allows users to sync their Android phones to the machine, and essentially use either to interact with the other.

On the tile-inspired Start screen, you'll find an entire "Samsung apps" section, with Skype, Netflix, StumbleUpon, a 90-day trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Music Maker Jam.

We suspect that Windows 8.1 will solve a lot of the quibbles that consumers and pundits have harped on for months with Windows 8, but until that time comes, any and all of the issues associated with Windows 8 are present here. Of course, that's not Samsung's fault, but it's something to consider nonetheless.

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Nice design, clean & simple. I would get this if offered in an i5 version, minus the touch screen to reduce the price. $1,100 is more than what I'd like to pay for a notebook.

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