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OCZ Vector Barefoot 3 Solid State Drive Review

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Next up we ran the Compression Benchmark built-into AS SSD, an SSD specific benchmark being developed by Alex Intelligent Software. This test is interesting because it uses a mix of compressible and incompressible data and outputs both Read and Write throughput of the drive. We only graphed a small fraction of the data (1% compressible, 50% compressible, and 100% compressible), but the trend is representative of the benchmark’s complete results.

AS SSD Compression Benchmark
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The OCZ Vector rocked the AS-SSD Compression test. In the read portion of the benchmark, all of the drivers are tightly grouped. In the write test, however, the Vector not only blew past all of the other drivers, it offered perfectly consistent performance regardless of the compressibility of the data. That's an excellent trait for an SSD.

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Nice review. That 128GB is more than enough for me. I'm running an older OCZ SSD, forgot what the name was. It's 64GB and I basically just use it for the Windows partition and various apps, like Firefox. The shortened boot times alone were worth it, and $150 for a little more room isn't bad at all.

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We really dig this drive. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out in the market. I'm willing to bet, price-wise it will become even more attractive in the months ahead.

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Wow, the benchmarks are rather impressive. I'm just happy to see that were getting a more level playing field among all manufacturers. There for a while it looked like intel was going to a pull ahead, then Samsung stepped up, and since then it's been bouncing all over. Now we just need the prices to keep falling and we'll all be happy!

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