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You know folks, the art of Overclocking is 5% Creativity, 5% Technical Know-How, and 90% total disregard for the laws of physics, nature, electronics and yes common sense! Throw in a few macho androgens just to spice it up and you have a master piece. Or at least a piece! Anyway, our Champion typifies what is the true essence of today extreme overclocker!

Our man of the hour has committed some serious unnatural acts against his machine and frankly I think many of them are illegal in the 48 contiguous United States of America! (Alaska and Hawaii are always a couple bricks short of a palette anyway... :-) Tonight I am proud to introduce our...

Hot Hardware - King Of The Pit

John Managad of Blythe California!

All we could think of when we saw this project was, "Dude, that just isn't right what you are doing to that CPU"! Here's what John had to say and a few pics of his Monster (as in Frankinstein) Rig!

The Water Chilled Celery Wind Machine!


Yo Davo,
What up? Heard about your contest. Gonna give it a shot ;)> I love to tinker. I started out with the stock OEM 300A. Clocked it to the usual 464mhz. Made a few adjustments to my case. I knew those metal snips would come in handy one of these days. Cut a hole atop the case over the CPU and slapped on a fan to blow hot air out. Even added a grill. Installed a fan to the lower front of the case to suck cool air in. Also placed case on the floor where it is cooler. Of course I switched the PS fan to blow out! DOH! Puhhleez! Stable.

After a few months, I wanted to see if I could push it even further. Well after reading all I could about peltiers and water-exchangers, I decided to go for it! I fabricated the exchanger using a WinFab heatsink and PVC tube.

Epoxy sure takes long to dry. Especially with one being as excited as I to see if the project would go. Had to wait a good 24 hours for the stuff to dry like steel!! I kept on touching it throughout the day. The epoxy. lol Couldn't keep my hands off it. My girlfriend said I was crazy. Muhhhhaahaha! Connected the return of the exchanger to an old condenser coil. Then placed the condenser ontop of five (5) fans! These really BLOW!! Then I ran the tubing into a BIG ASS VAT of water (25 gallons)!!! My pump (known as the " Little Giant" to freshwater and marine aquarists) delivers a flow of 160 gallons per hour!!! I used a cheap 56 watt peltier (40x40). This is running on its own 400watt power supply!! lol

To tackle the problem of condensation, I enclosed the Celeron in ACE Hardware Rope Caulk Weatherstripping. This stuff costs less then $2 a box. Works great!!!

No problems. I really don't understand why people are afraid of overclocking with water? Pretty good for an ICU nurse by profession, ehh?

System Specs:

BH-6 ver. 1.02 LN :(
128 PC100
128 PC133
SB Live! Value
Cambridge Soundworks FourPointSurround
Asus 3400 TNT (OC 120/125)
Zoom 2919L Dual Modem (Port OC to 230400! lol) Miss my @Home service!!!!!!!!!!!
WD 6.4 Gig HD
WD 10.2 Gig HD
Acer 40x CD
Windoze 98SE :(

John's Bio:

This moe is a 31 year old ICU nurse working in southern California. When I'm not saving lives, I'm pushing the envelop of my slot1 Celeron 300A. I live in a dessert community called Blythe. It's in-between Palm Springs and Arizona. Its so HOT here overclocking just comes naturally :)


Now you're thinking, "sure great but what new level of overclocking did this Monstrosity help him to achieve"? Well, here's the proof...

OK, so maybe this isn't the the highest clock rate we have seen but it is a fairly big jump for the Celeron 300a he used and again this was not a MHz. contest. However, this is one Bad Ass Chilly Machine in our opinion and we would like to congratulate John on creating this freak of nature!

Congratulations John! You are King Of The Pit! For now.... :-) You just scored the Elsa Erazor III 32MB TNT2 Card!


Our little contest is over but if you want to have a few minutes of the lime light, Hot Hardware's Open Pit is always open! Send us your Overclocking/Extreme Computing Projects with pictures to Jump into the Pit!

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