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Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply Preview

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Corsair is one of the few companies in the PC enthusiast space that has been able to expand their product offerings, while also maintaining or even bolstering their solid reputation in the community. All too often, a company will attempt to build upon some initial success by entering a new market with a “me too” or re-badged product and end up losing credibility with enthusiasts along the way. Corsair seems to take a different approach, however. Instead of simply re-branding a product just to quickly gain a presence in a new or fledgling market, Corsair, more often than not, seems to bide their time to customize or design a product (or product family) to specifically cater to enthusiasts. And then they launch it with a clearly defined feature set that differentiates the Corsair products from the competition. Of course it also helps that Corsair seems to design some of the more aesthetically appealing and best performing products for enthusiasts as well.

Corsair’s attention to detail and understanding of the enthusiast community has allowed the company to evolve from a memory manufacturer into a well-regarded supplier of cases, cooling hardware, input devices, PC audio, power suppliesgaming accessories and storage devices. Their latest product, the Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply, takes things a step further and blazes a trail by adding some innovative and useful features not found in any competing products.

The Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply’s name hints at this PSU’s 1200 watt rating, but beyond its monstrous power output, the AX1200i is also highly efficient and sports a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide digitally-controlled power and an interface to Corsair’s Corsair Link software for real-time monitoring and control. There are quite a few other features to the AX1200i worth mentioning as well, which we’ll get to on the pages ahead. First up, here’s a quick peek at some of the unit’s specs and a look at what Corsair includes in the AX1200i’s box...

The Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX PSU

Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply
Specifications & Features
Warranty 7 years
Dimensions 50mm x 86mm x 200mm
Modular Fully Modular
Power Output 1200 watts
80 Plus Certifications Platinum
ATX Connector 1
EPS Connector 2
PCI-E Connector 6
4-Pin Peripheral Connector 12
SATA Connector 16
Floppy Connector 2 (via adapters)
MTBF 2,000,000 hours

Corsair AX1200i PSU Cable Bundle

Corsair includes a myriad of cables with the AX1200i PSU, in addition to a few other accessories. The cable break-down is detailed in the list of specifications above. As you can see in the list, there are a multitude of SATA (16), 4-pin peripheral (12), and PCI Express (6) power connectors / cables present, along with a couple of adapters that’ll convert two of the 4-pin connectors to floppy connectors. Also included with the AX1200i is a bag with mounting screws, 10 nylon zip-ties, a “Powered by Corsair” case badge, and a strip of double-sided tape to facilitate mounting of the Corsair Link device.

Corsair Link USB Dongle

The Corsair AX1200i is able to interface with Corsair’s Link software through the included Corsair Link USB dongle. The dongle connects to an available motherboard USB header and then a thin cable connects the Link device to the PSU. We’ll talk a little more about the Corsair Link device and dongle a little later.

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Power Supplies are most efficient when at around 80% load, so if you're running 450W of power out of an 850W power supply, you're wasting efficiency.

This is less of an issue with this (Platinum-rated) PSU, it's over 92% efficient from 250W to 1000W!

Still, every time I see a review for these behemoth power supplies, I can't think of a recent single-GPU system that could even use half the 1200W...


It's just epeen in most cases, really.. I'd totally get one if I had the funds, though. (;

I currently have one of these:

It's pretty excellent, in most cases.. cable lengths are pretty horrific though. 

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Having a higher wattage power supply isn't a complete waste.

Due to Electrolytic capacitor aging (wattage output from the power supply decreases overtime), it is safer to have a power supply wattage higher than your max load. Cheaper power supplies typically have lower quality capacitors.

Temperature and load effective the life of a capacitor

You could replace the capacitors yourself if you wanted to.

It's like you're moving and the power supply is your vehicle. A low wattage power supply is a compact car and a high wattage power supply is a truck. The truck can handle more and it can make the move easier, but it can be a waste if you don't have too much stuff to move.

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Corsair power supplies will last you forver if not almost. Like the red toyota at top gear uk

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