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Computex 2010 Wrap-up

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After they revealed the Revo Drive, OCZ also introduced an upcoming proprietary interface called High Speed Data Link, or HSDL. The new format plugs directly into a PCI Express slot on the motherboard and provides a cable that connects to an SSD drive and allows speeds of over 900MB/s. HSDL is still in the prototype phase but we should start seeing it within 3 to 6 months from now.   

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You know... if you squint hard enough, Taiwan looks like a bunch of components on a circuit board.

Lots of booth-babe shots in the article. Good job! haha.

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booth-babe shots in the article. Good job!

I second that emotion. The Gigabyte Girls looked like twins.

The tablet PC's are interesting to me and I wait to see how they work and how they are priced too. I had a chance to screw around with an iPad the other day and I liked it enough to want one of them. So any viable less costly competition to it would be welcome.


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Nothing that really got me excited this year. A lot of stuff that has been in the works. Lots of tables.

The Corsair 600T looks like a really nice case though. Also OCZs high speed PCI-e to Sata looks pretty cool.

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If my name was Gig, would those stickers tell me where to bite :P
The Nvidia girl almost makes me want to switch to Nvidia, Nah..Just makes me like green.
It is a sad day when this used to be our main industry and now Taiwan is becoming the tech leader?

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