Asus Crosshair IV Extreme AMD 890FX Motherboard

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Asus Crosshair IV Extreme
American Megatrends
The Crosshair IV Extreme's BIOS offers control over nearly every feature there's a name for. As always, we recommend only adjusting those settings you understand (or look up first).


The CIV-E is loaded with BIOS options and configurable functions as befits an enthusiast board at this price point. End-users can save specific profiles, monitor thermal probe temperatures, or even opt to disable all integrated peripherals save for the Ethernet adapter (Asus claims this may improve overclocking stability.)

A variety of system voltages and settings are available for tweaking; enthusiasts who want to individually tune each core for maximum performance can do so via Asus' Core Unlocker technology. The lower-right-hand corner shows the standard set of temperatures as well as the three optional thermal connectors (two of which are not hooked up in this image).

LEDs on the motherboard will change color to match the BIOS display--push CPU voltage into the red zone, for example, and you'll see a warning light both in the BIOS and on the board itself. End users have control over a wide range of features and settings; overclockers are free to optimize to their heart's content.

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SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

The Extreme is not worth it over the Crosshair IV. I have yet to see Lucid's crappy gimmick work, and I thought that since a page was dedicated to it, that it would have been tested on the a few of the games that it supports.

acarzt 3 years ago

Those are some impressive gains from swapping the motherboard.

I would like to have seen a comparison of an entry level board of the same chipset to this board, so we can get more of an apples to apples comparrison and see if the more expensive board is justified in the numbers.

infinityzen1 3 years ago

I'm with Sammy, though maybe not quite as harsh. Lucid still has a ways to go to get their drivers worked out, but their tech does actually work. The only problem is that it would work better on cheaper boards since those are the people most likely to need/use it.

bob_on_the_cob 3 years ago

[quote user="InfinityzeN1"] Lucid still has a ways to go to get their drivers worked out, but their tech does actually work. The only problem is that it would work better on cheaper boards since those are the people most likely to need/use it.[/quote]

This. Anyone going out to buy a high end motherboard is going to have the money to put in exactly the graphics they want. Lucid would much better serve the low end were you can just pop in whatever is in your budget and add to the performance you already have.


In general I don't really see the market for this board. Don't get me wrong it is a killer board, but at the price it costs almost $100 more than any AMD CPU.

Also where are the killer EFI bios that some of the Asus boards are getting.

rrplay 3 years ago

This board is definitely for the high end overclocking crowd and priced accordingly.

If I had to consider building a custom rig for someone that insisted on an AMD with the best Asus mobo available  & * has 'da $$

[quote user="bob_on_the_cob"]

... Anyone going out to buy a high end motherboard is going to have the money to put in exactly the graphics they want. Lucid would much better serve the low end were you can just pop in whatever is in your budget and add to the performance you already have.


the Crosshair IV Extreme would be a contender for other reasons like >>save on an audio card and the one -inch bigger ATX size would definitely get them into a better higher end case and would likely to get pretty particular in selecting ram and cooler options.

not likely for me at this time  but good to consider all the same

thanks for the detailed review and insights

WKaye 3 years ago

Whoa!!! whats new with this motherboard?? my dream computer was to have the Asus Rampage III. I have to read up on this.

Joel H 3 years ago


Did you miss the list of titles we confirmed are functional?

The problem with trying to publish some "representative" Lucid benchmarks is that each test is more-or-less unique. There are some tests that scale by 5-10%, some that scale by 20-50%, some at 75%, some at 90%. It proved impossible to grab a select handful and claim they were a solid sample of what to expect.

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

Ahh, I see, I guess I skipped a few paragraphs...I confused the " LucidLogix Hydra Officially Tested Titles" part as if it was submitted by lucid and not yourself.

As InfinityZ and Bob have stated, this would be more practical on a lower end board, but the problem is that adding that chip would lead to a higher price tag.

I remember reading( I think) that this will be a software solution in the Sandy Bridge environment.....Still I just don't think this is worth it...Just stick to Nvidia for Nvidia Solutions and Amd for Amd solutions.

Joel H 3 years ago



You're confusing Virtu (software-only, allows for Sandy Bridge-powered video transcoding) with Hydra (hardware-implemented multi-GPU processor).

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

Ahh, I see Again...thanks..

In Total coincidence, There are reports on Virtu and the Z68 chipset now showing up on some websites. I look forward to reading it also on HH...I will be reading carefully to make sense in any judgment. I imagine you or Dave are working on it right now?

rapid1 3 years ago

That is a pretty mother board. The components etc are exceptional of course, but they have done a very good job with this one designing it.

grone 3 years ago

hi problem with Zotac gtx 560 sli edition amp you in Mother  Asus crosshair IV extreme plz help me!!

Joel H 3 years ago


I'll try, but it'll help if you speak more clearly. If English isn't your first language, try using Babelfish or Google to translate. Troubleshooting hardware can require fairly precise explanations of what's going wrong and what the solution might be. If you can't get help or use a translation service, I'll still try to work with you.

grone 3 years ago

Now I'm using the translator, I'm Uruguayan, my problem is I can not enable sli on my pc.
My pc: Motherboard: Asus crosshair extreme IV
Video Card: Zotac GTX 560 Amp "x2
AMD Black 1090T series
H50 Series Hydro Corsair Cooler
MUSHKIN 2x4 Red Line 2133 mhz
PS Cooler Master Siletn Pro Gold 1000w
Sli Band "MSI"
SO 64 bit Win 7
I got all things properly installed, install the operating system, install all driver Palca mother, then put my two graphics cards in slot 1 and 3 with his band sli. Then install the latest drivers for graphics cards. panel then went to Nvidia and I appeared the opsion Sli, although the operating system recognized the two videos I did not give me the opsion Sli, after I download TechPowerUp, and appeared the two videos but where should that said otherwise sli enabled . Research on the web and someone suggested that SLI patch discharged.
Download it, follow the installation instructions correctly, restart the pc opsion gave me the two operating systems, including the right, between the panel and they can see the opsion Nvidia Sli click on apply, then this is the problem, I again the desktop and disappears Nvidia Panel, verify Control Panel / Device Manager and another of the videos with the exclamation point, as if he had the driver installed.
I await your response.
Joel H 3 years ago


Sorry for the delay, I made a 600 mile move between when I first responded and the present day.

The Asus Crosshair IV Extreme doesn't support NVIDIA's SLI. It uses a different technology to enable 2x NV cards to run side-by-side. This technology is known as LucidLogix Hydra.

Here's what you do:

Do NOT use Slot 3 for an SLI configuration. Use 1 & 2 or 1 & 4. Hydra doesn't work with Slot 3.

Install these drivers:

After drivers are installed and rebooted, click on the new HydraLogix icon. Make sure Hydra is set to Enabled / On.

If you want to see if a game is working properly, you can also enable an overlay to show you cross-GPU scaling.

NVIDIA's drivers will *not* offer you an option to enable SLI. That's ok.

grone 3 years ago

Thank you very much for your help, but I have a question placed on dual chanel Muskhin my memories of 2133, if placed in slot 3 a transcendence of 4 GB 1333 Mhz open any problems or decreased performance due to incompatibility?

Joel H 3 years ago



What languages do you speak? It might help me understand if you typed in your language and I could translate it. Maybe send me an email? Also, use very short, simple sentences.I'm not trying to make you feel bad--tech talk never translates very well.

Here's what I think you said.

1.  You have Mushkin DDR3-2133.

2.  You ask about Slot 3. When I talk about Slot 3, I mean the video card slot.

3.  I have said nothing about RAM slots.

4.  You ask: Will more than 4GB of DDR3-2133 work properly?

5. According to Asus, the only RAM that officially works at DDR3-2133 is GSkill F3-17066CL9D-8GBFLS. That's two sticks of 2GB each for a total of 4GB or less.

That doesn't mean your Mushkin RAM won't work, but you may have to adjust voltages, RAM latencies, or lower the RAM clock speed. The difference between DDR3-1066 and DDR3-2133 in *real* software performance is quite small. That's true for both AMD and Intel CPUs, the only benchmarks that really show differences are either A) Synthetic or B) Gaming-intensive tests running at very very low details.

You can download the support sheets for RAM at various speeds here:

AKnudson 3 years ago

This is fantastic i have been waiting for a long time for a high end amd motherboard, depending on the success of this model we could see a swing in the quality and view that people put on amd as a brand and upon asus as a motherboard pioneer.

JuicyFruitSweeT 3 years ago

ASUS and their Black & Red theme on their motherboard is my type

Best color combo ever, who else think the same?

Go Republic of Gamers! ♥

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