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ATI Radeon HD 5570: Affordable DX11 GPU

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HOW WE CONFIGURED THE TEST SYSTEM: We tested the graphics cards in this article on an Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard powered by a Core i7 965 quad-core processor and 6GB of OCZ DDR3 RAM. The first thing we did when configuring the test system was enter the system BIOS and set all values to their "optimized" or "high performance" default settings. Then we manually configured the memory timings and disabled any integrated peripherals that wouldn't be put to use. The hard drive was then formatted, and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 was installed. When the installation was complete we fully updated the OS and installed the latest hotfixes, along with the necessary drivers and applications.

HotHardware's Test Systems
Core i7 Powered

Hardware Used:
Core i7 965 (3.2GHz)

Gigabyte EX58-UD5
(X58 Express)

Radeon HD 5570
Radeon HD 5450
Radeon HD 5670
Radeon HD 5770
Radeon HD 5750
GeForce GT 240
GeForce GTX 260 Core 216

6GB OCZ DDR3-1333
Western Digital Raptor 150GB
Integrated Audio
Integrated Network

Relevant Software:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
ATI Catalyst v10.10b
NVIDIA GeForce Drivers v195.50

Benchmarks Used:

3DMark Vantage v1.0.1
Left 4 Dead*
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars v1.5*

* - Custom benchmark

Futuremark 3DMark Vantage
Synthetic DirectX Gaming

3DMark Vantage

The latest version of Futuremark's synthetic 3D gaming benchmark, 3DMark Vantage, is specifically bound to Windows Vista-based systems because it uses some advanced visual technologies that are only available with DirectX 10, which y isn't available on previous versions of Windows.  3DMark Vantage isn't simply a port of 3DMark06 to DirectX 10 though.  With this latest version of the benchmark, Futuremark has incorporated two new graphics tests, two new CPU tests, several new feature tests, in addition to support for the latest PC hardware.  We tested the graphics cards here with 3DMark Vantage's Extreme preset option, which uses a resolution of 1920x1200 with 4x anti-aliasing and 16x anisotropic filtering.

Its lower GPU clock and reduced memory bandwidth in comparison to the Radeon HD 5670 show in 3DMark Vantage, but the Radeon HD 5570 still put up a respectable score in this benchmark considering its relatively low price point.

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Ok I am starting to wonder just how many different model numbers not to mention differing levels af capabilities and prices ATI can get from one series! WOW

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ATI Radeon is hands down the best graphics card out there,.



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it seems like they're just trying to stuff the market full of cards to try and hit every price range possible.... I don't think this is a very good tactic tho....

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Hmm 43 watts load power.  no external power connector? half height card? Definitely seems destined for HTPC use. Would like to see on-board video start to hit this performance level though. That would be cool.

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Indeed, I would imagine that this is designed not for gaming but for home theaters. Y'know, it makes me want to design a cheap μATX system just for replacing my (now defunct) 1st generation TiVo.

Couldn't find any note about the fan noise (apart from "It features a slim, single-slot active cooler, that chills the front half of the card and does so with very little noise"); but since fan and HD noise is of paramount concern, I wonder if this card could be passively cooled? It's such a low-power device that it may be possible.

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Yeah Money can be a big issue on these things.

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