id Software Shows Off Latest "Rage" Build On Xbox 360

Man, have we been waiting forever on this, or what? id Software delivered the first in-game screenshots of its next generation first-person shooter, Rage, in August of 2008. We understand that game development takes a serious amount of time, but we're nearly two years into the process (from the public side, anyway) and we're still waiting. But waiting is half of the fun, and unlike that fabled Duke Nukem franchise, we're thinking that Rage may actually see the light of day.

At the E3 2010 conference in California this past week, a higher-up from id Software sat down with G4TV in order to show off live action gameplay on an Xbox 360. The worlds have been created from the ground-up in house at the software company, with each and every rock being different than the other. Reportedly, the worlds are more detailed than anything else created for Xbox 360, and judging by the (amazing!) scenes in the video embedded here, we're inclined to believe the claims.

But of course, we've been waiting years for this title to develop, and there's nothing to say that it won't be pushed back for years more. Who knows, maybe they'll get the itch to turn it into a 3D title. Just kidding, we hope.

Via:  G4TV
pwhittak 4 years ago

1st fing dats comes t mind, Fallout 3, will rage be better than new vegas? dno?

3vi1 4 years ago

Very nice!

It's especially interesting when you consider that this this engine isn't at all relying on DirectX (Carmack has repeatedly said it was primarily targeting OpenGL, and that's what the PC version will use). They abstracted the back-end API to the point where they only had to add a minimal amount of code to support DX9.0c for the 360. That's a great move, because it will allow them to do the same for the PS3 with PSGL/libGCM.

I know Carmack had said that he would not support DirectX 10, but I wonder if he'll write a DirectX 11 back-end for Windows, or if that would be pointless given that OpenGL 4 already supports all of the same features? I highly doubt he would use any of the higher-level functions added in DX11, as they're probably redundant (if not inferior) to the features of the IT5 engine itself.

At any rate: I expect there to be a lot of 3rd party games using this engine, and I would expect to see OSX ports for a good deal of them, given it's new Steam presence. Id's always released Linux binaries in the past too, so that's not out of the question either.

realneil 4 years ago

I'd like to try this on one of my PC's,...................when is it coming down the pike?

animatortom 4 years ago

I also hope they incorporate the Open CL within this game. They could also embed the DX 11 to compile the maps since that seems to be its strong point when it comes to compiling multiple passes for some of the more realistic effects!

lifeskills 4 years ago

Love the texture/shadow detail.  Looks like Fallout meets Borderlands.

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