iPhone 5C Photos Leak Showing Packaging And Colors

As far as leaked Apple devices go, the upcoming plastic so-called iPhone 5C isn’t quite as compelling as a hot next-gen device would be, but because the rumored device represents Apple’s first foray into selling a non-premium iPhone, everyone wants a peak.

Chinese site iApps.im first posted photos showing a pile of pink iPhone 5Cs with color-matched wallpapers, as well as a table full of blue and yellow models with one nice, clear closeup of a blue handset. (The photos have been removed, but 9to5Mac snagged them first.)

iPhone 5C leak
Credit: iApps.im via 9to5Mac

The phones don’t look terrible, although they most definitely do not scream “high end”; they look almost cute, which is possibly what Apple was going for. It’s a clever strategy, if you think about it--to make an analogy from the automobile market, instead of making something that looks like, say, a mid-range sedan (i.e., economical but terribly unexciting), Apple went with something more like a Fiat or SmartCar that has a lot of immediate aesthetic appeal but won’t ever be mistaken for a luxury car.

iPhone 5C leak
Credit: iApps.im via 9to5Mac

The packaging is reminiscent of iPod touch packaging, which puts the device on top of its box and under a hard, clear plastic shell to show it off.

iPhone 5C leak
Credit: iApps.im via 9to5Mac

Of course, this is all still grist for the rumor mill, but it’s nearly a foregone conclusion that Apple is producing a plastic, less expensive iPhone. We’ll likely get all the real details straight from the source when Apple holds an event on September 10th.
Via:  9to5Mac
LLeCompte one year ago

IF the 5C is for real, it will sell like crazy because plenty of people still buy the iPhone 4 and its 4 years old. All people really care about is price. They dont really care whats on the inside: only how much they have to pay.

TimmSinnen one year ago


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