Xbox 360 Elite (250GB Version) Outed by Amazon in Germany

Xbox 360 Elite (250GB Version) Outed by Amazon in Germany

It's not the first time an e-tailer has outed a product early. It won't be the last. It appears that's German site has listed a 250GB version of the Xbox 360 Elite.

It's a good time to be a gamer, eh? First the PS3 "Slim" and a $100 price reduction, then the corresponding $100 price drop for the Xbox 360 Elite, and now a 250GB Xbox Elite version?

The listing is a package deal, including Forza Motorsport 3 for EUR 279.99 or about $402. Since Microsoft's announcement of the Xbox 360 price cut includes a note that implies the Pro version will be discontinued, perhaps the current Elite will become Pro, and the 250GB version (assuming it's for real) will become the new Elite. Guess we'll find out, one way or the other.
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Of course the only solution to a bigger HDD on the 360 is still from Microsoft themselves. I'm quite happy with the 120GB in my Elite, but if I wanted more I'd have to buy an MS branded 250GB. If they every sell it separately it will cost too much just like the 20, 60, 120 do now. With the PS3, any 2.5 inch works. Combine that with free online and built in WiFi on PS3, I can see why some would prefer it.

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