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Windows 8 Market Share Up Slightly in April, Still Trails Vista

Windows 8 Market Share Up Slightly in April, Still Trails Vista

Microsoft is staying the course with Windows 8, the most drastic change to the Windows ecosystem since the introduction of XP, and though Windows Blue will introduce a few changes (and maybe even bring back the Start button), the touch-friendly design doesn't look like it's going anywhere. That's led to some negative reactions and press -- some of it justified and some of it way overblown -- but for now, Windows 8 is slowly and steadily increasing its share of the desktop OS market.

The key word there is "slowly." According to NetMarketShare, Windows 8 increased its share to 3.82 percent in April, up from 3.17 percent a month prior and up from 1.09 percent in November 2012, a month after it launched. That still trails Windows Vista, which ended April with a 4.75 percent share, though at the pace it's declining and Windows 8 is growing, the two should switch spots by the end of the year.

We also looked at data from StatCounter, and though the numbers are a little different, they tell the same story. According to StatCounter, Windows 8 is installed on 4.74 percent of desktop systems, up from 3.9 percent a month ago. Vista, meanwhile, is hovering around the 6 percent mark.

Microsoft recently went on record claiming it's sold 100 million Windows 8 licenses to date, which is roughly on pace to join Windows 7 as the company's fastest selling OS. However, that number doesn't necessarily represent how many copies of Windows 8 are actually being used, as it includes pre-installed copies on new computers sold to manufacturers, not just consumers.

Samsung ATIV

The good news for Microsoft is that Windows 8 devices are starting to come down in price, and that's exactly what's needed to increase adoption. Asus is expecting Windows 8 tablet pricing to dip below $300 later this year, whereas Surface RT and Surface Pro debuted at $499 and $899, respectively.

What operating system are you using most often these days? If it's not Windows 8, do you think you might upgrade once Windows Blue hits?
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If Blue is as good as all the rumors and everything I think the market share will jump very high. Windows 7 was basically an updated Vista for the most part and look how that took off. The biggest things for Windows 8 to me in need start menu, boot to desktop, and driver/program support.

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Im one that loves windows 8 and seeing the changes in 8.1 are fantastic. People are holding back because windows 7 is still good and the metro start screen. Of all windows 8 is a nice upgrade when it comes down to things. People can say what they want but what it offers is better then windows 7.

Now with the atom tablet popping up everywhere, you get the best of everything, a full functioning pc as a tablet. I have to say tho Metro UI works well on the tablets.

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If they make it actually practical for the end user to use a mouse and Keyboard in the OS, then they will make more money. Windows 8 is more suited for all-in-one touch screen computers, tablets, and other touch screen products. PC people want speed, because they (Don't deny this) are all lazy. We want to get exactly where we want to go, and we want there now. That's why 7 did so good, was because its pretty snappy, and is optimized for speedy access to your files (Compared to Modern UI). You dont have to drag your mouse all the way across the screen to click some MASSIVE button that insults your intelligence to get to your music.

Once they tweak it some more, maybe it will succeed. I'm still on shaky ground with it though.

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