TiVo To Integrate Software Into Future Insignia Televisions

This is easily one of the most interesting partnerships that we have seen this year in the consumer electronics world, and it's one that most general consumers will overlook. Insignia is the "house brand" at Best Buy, a label of electronics that are generally priced below that of Sony, Sharp, LG, etc. Over the years Insignia has expanded to cover televisions, portable media players, memory accessories, and lots more, but it has remained a brand that hardly anyone took seriously.

But now, the most recognized name in the DVR industry is partnering with Insignia, and not only in branding, but in an effort to create an entirely new product. Best Buy and TiVo announced that development is underway to integrate TiVo's software and advanced television services into broadband-connected Insignia televisions, with the future Insignia televisions providing consumers with "an exceptional, intuitive user experience for accessing online content by utilizing the latest TiVo non-DVR software and advanced television service."

Basically, future Insignia TVs will have TiVo software built-in, which is something no other television can say. But interestingly, no internal hard drive will be included, so there's no way to directly record/DVR/watch programs that aren't in real-time. This will, however, allow these customers to tap into the online content portion of TiVo, and of course they'll get the enjoy the TiVo UI that so many rave about. No specific models or prices are being talked about right now, but it's surely in the works. Hopefully they'll release a DVR version in due time, but honestly, this set will have a tough time competing against Google TV. Actually, so will everyone else.

The new Insignia televisions will provide Best Buy customers with an exceptional, intuitive user experience for accessing online content by utilizing the latest TiVo non-DVR software and advanced television service. TiVo's easy-to-use platform will give the viewer a one-stop-shop for delivering and searching content right on the television.

"Consumers tell us they want the best of Internet-based content delivered right to their televisions without the hassle of having to fumble with multiple devices, wires, and remotes," said Fernando Silva, vice president of Best Buy Exclusive Brands. "The beauty of TiVo software is that it creates a single interactive interface right on the television and integrates the myriad of online content and services. Insignia is thrilled to work with TiVo to bring this superior experience to our customers through our TiVo-powered Insignia television."

Jim Denney, GM and Vice President of Product Marketing at TiVo Inc., said, "TiVo has evolved into so much more than a DVR. We are able to customize and deliver solutions that best meet the needs of our partners like Insignia with the ability to integrate TiVo's software and advanced television services onto either set-top boxes or consumer electronics devices in a non-DVR capacity to deliver one of the best in-home entertainment experiences for consumers. We are extremely proud to be teamed with Insignia to bring the TiVo experience to this leading consumer electronics brand and we look forward to continuing to work with Best Buy on possible future endeavors."

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Marius Malek 4 years ago

Integrating software with our TV's is definitely the next step in broadening the home entertainment experience. 10 years from now I bet we'll have HP All-in-Ones in the form of HDTV's scattering the living rooms across the world. Now all we need to do is to create a program that can sync with the users mind so we can change the channel without even reaching for a remote.

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