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Sprint Kills One Up Program Quickly, Nudges Customers To Framily Plans

Sprint Kills One Up Program Quickly, Nudges Customers To Framily Plans

Sprint has killed off its Sprint One Up program just a few months after its debut. One Up offered users an annual upgrade program that included unlimited talk, text, and data for life for $65 per month, as well as the ability to upgrade their smartphones every 12 months instead of every two years.

The deal was that customers would pay for their phones in installments over the course of 24 months, and after one year they could give back that phone and put the value towards another.

This concept is now common in the industry, as AT&T (Next), T-Mobile (Jump), and Verizon (Edge) all offer early-upgrade smartphone deals. In any case, Sprint is done with that particular experiment and is moving on to its newly-announced Framily plans. (Yes, “Framily”.)

Sprint Framily

The Framily plans allow you to deem just about anyone as “family” or “friend” and add them to your group plan, which allows up to 10 lines. The idea is that the more people you add to the plan, the more everyone saves. Yet each account is billed separately, so there’s no awkwardness with the financial end of things.

The big four mobile carriers in the U.S. are in the middle of a delightful streak of price competition, which is resulting in wins for consumers.
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It is unfortunate that they cancelled this plan and hope that it isn't any indication that the other big 3 might do the same. I am not too familiar with Sprints version of it but I know it didn't seem too appealing and since many budget minded customers are on the Spring maybe upgrading their devices more often no matter how much cheaper was still financially not appealing enough.

Verizon, and especially AT&T's, implementations are not appealing at all they are WAYY over priced and inconvenient i would rather straight buy a phone I can resell on my own every year. I am with AT&T and would love nothing more than a new device more often but not when it is going to cost me more than if I just buy and sell myself.

T-mobiles twice a year upgrade plan though is brilliant. It is much cheaper, offers you more, less fine print, and offers you more upgrades in the same length contract cycle. Between this upgrade plan and them offering to pay off customer contracts on other networks, I have seriously been considering switching from AT&T whom I have been with for 7 years now.

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