Sony Claims Hulu is Hosting Pirated TV Content, Serves a Takedown Notice

Sony Claims Hulu is Hosting Pirated TV Content, Serves a Takedown Notice

Hulu has already admitted to an evil plot to destroy the world when it ran commercials with Alec Baldwin (as an alien) saying that once our brains are reduced to a cottage cheese like mush, they'll scoop them out with a melon baler and gobble them right on up. Sound pretty insidious, and while Hulu was obviously joking (right? Right!?), Sony is accusing the company of something that it doesn't find funny at all.

Revealed in a recent DMCA takedown notice, Sony Pictures Television claims Hulu is hosting a pirated TV show, Fox's "Almost Human," TorrentFreak reports. It was sent by the Spanish division of Sony Pictures Television and includes several links to the Fox Show, which they distribute locally.

Hulu Almost Human

According to TorrentFreak, most of the links are in fact pirated, save for at least one of a "perfectly legal episode on Hulu" that Sony says infringes on its copyrights. Depending on how this goes, it could be the beginning of a tiff between Sony and Fox, with Hulu caught in the middle.

This isn't the first time Hulu has been caught in the crossfire of a copyright dispute. In January of this year, 4K Media sent takedown notices for two "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series, both of which TorrentFreak says were non-infringing.
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Clear sign that DMCA automated systems are broken beyond belief. They just need to be served lawsuits based on perjury and jail all the people who run these automated DMCA notice companies. Holding people accountable for notices they send is absolutely necessary.

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