Sony Backpedals On Android Wear Stance, Says Door Is Open To Using Google's Platform

The thing about knee-jerk reactions is they can cause you to do or say things you regret. Take Sony, for example, which very recently went on record saying it plans to pursue its own homegrown platform for smartwatches since it's already invested time and resources into it. That's understandable, but taking a defiant stance against Google's Android Wear platform, which seems to hold a lot of promise, is a huge gamble that isn't likely to pay off.

Oh, but that was yesterday, which might as well have been a century ago. Fast forward all the way to today and Sony is singing a different tune. In a Twitter post, Sony clarified that while it's focused on its own platform right now, the "door's def not close to Android Wear - early days..." Sony had even more to say to CNET, which first reported the previous anti-Android Wear stance.

Android Wear

"We're excited about the potential of Android Wear to extend the mobile OS experience into wearable devices," Sony told CNET in a followup email. "While we are currently focused on our in-market wearable offering, including SmartWatch 2, we continue to work closely with Google as a key partner and continue to evaluate opportunities across a number of areas as we extend our SmartWear Experience."

This is a smart move by Sony. It's not as though the smartwatch market is exactly booming, though it does have its fans. The introduction of Google's Android Wear platform holds potential, and perhaps equally important, it's getting people more excited about the category than they have been.
sevags 9 months ago

Still doesn't matter. any OS for a smart watch will do as long as it works as intended.

*edit* especially since the underlying android OS's almost always have proprietary GUI overlays on top, what would it matter if it isn't android underneath.

JaySleven 9 months ago

I really like the look of the Android wear over anything else in the smart watch category. It look so classy. If I were to get a smart watch I think that'd be the way I go. A tad shallow but it is a clothing accessory and I'm sure many of the smart watches will have similar functions so might as well go for the one that I like the look of the best

JefferyPruett 9 months ago

I Like the feature where it reminds you what's next on the do list just wish their was a watch I could charge directly from my computer

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