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Samsung SM843 Pro: High Performance Data Center SSD

Samsung SM843 Pro: High Performance Data Center SSD

We have taken a look at a few Samsung-built solid state drives over the years, including the Samsung 830 and 840 series SSDs, and found them all to be relatively strong performers in their respective product categories. Today we’re going to be looking at a somewhat different type of drive from Samsung, the SM843 Pro Data Series SSD. The SM843 is essentially the same drive as the consumer-targeted 840 Pro SSD, but with a specialized firmware that’s optimized for mainstream, ready-heavy data center applications and increased over-provisioning of the NAND...

Samsung SM843 Pro: High Performance Data Center SSD

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All these graphs in so many SSD reviews all over the Internet is fine and dandy to show a comparison to drives previously reviewed but screen shots of the drive being reviewed is also good to expose some info that is missing or hard to find in the review.

Anvil Storage Utilities is my favorite SSD synthetic benchmarking tool.It gives the screenshot viewer much more info about the system,whether it's the boot drive,the storage driver being used,SSD alignment and the type of data used for the benchmark.

It would be nice to have a screenshot of Anvil Storage Utilities using both compressible and incompressible data.

Since nobody in their right mind would buy an SSD to keep it empty all reviews should show benchmarks with the SSD as the primary boot drive with Windows installed and equal amounts of compressible and incompressible date on the drive.

SSDs perform very differently with data on them especially when the drive is more than half filled.

Benchmarking an empty drive from a different boot drive in Safe Mode doesn't tell anyone how their SSD purchase is likely to perform after they install it in their PC.

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