Samsung Introduces U250 And U200 Multi-Touch All-In-One PCs

Touch computing is blowing up in a bit way. With Windows 7 out and optimized for touch input, not to mention the huge tablet PC revolution going on right now, it's no surprise to see more and more PC makers jumping on the touch bandwagon. MSI has had quite a few touch-panel all-in-one PCs out, and now it looks like Samsung is going to follow a similar path.

The Samsung U250 and U200 AIO PCs are both multi-touch enabled, meaning that you can use multiple hands or fingers in order to initiate inputs. The U250 is a 23" machine with a full 1080p display, while the U200 has a 20" panel with a 1600x900 resolution screen. Further specs include a 2.2GHz Pentium T440 CPU, up to 2GB of RAM and a GeForce GT 310M (512MB) GPU on the U200, with the U250 having 3GB of RAM, up to 500GB of storage space and the same GPU.

There's no news yet on pricing and availability, but we would be surprised if these hung around on paper much longer without shipping.
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3vi1 4 years ago

I can't, for the life of me, think of why anyone would ever want to use a touchscreen when their hand can relax more comfortably on a mouse (which has multiple buttons)... all without putting fingerprints on their viewing surface.

Now, multiply that by two and you have my general feelings on multitouch.

Now, put a huge ugly rounded bezel (necessary for it's function?) around the multitouch screen and stick it with a tiny squarish keyboard that doesn't look like a match.

Now, tell me this system is supposed to be appealing?

(And the sad thing is, I love Samsung monitors - but this system is a miss)

Marius Malek 4 years ago

With the implementation of the mouse, I can see that people will rarely use the mutli-touch feature. Like 3vi1 said, when you can rest your hand on a mouse why would you take the time to navigate using your fingers with a monitor in front of you? 

People are more optimized to use the mouse more effectively than mutli-touch, especially if the monitor is positioned in front of you. 

Now, the best possible scenario for multi-touch would definitely be for tabletop positioning. Put the monitor on a table, better yet, INTEGRATE the table with the PC, so the table becomes the PC, and then you can see an uprising in consumer interest. 

Games like RUSE are advertised using tabletop technology, as seen in this teaser:

And actual gameplay seen here:

Now, the problem I immediately see is the fact that mainstream isn't ready. People just don't have the money or the resources to have a tabletop that is an entire PC like seen in the second youtube link. It's freaking awesome, and I would love to have one. But the fact is...I don't have room for it. Technology is there to make a powerful tabletop PC, but the companies can't dump their resources into it yet because there simply isn't a market. 

Give it 10 years. 

Inspector 4 years ago

If i could play that game like that it would be so awesome!  When u said a pc in a table it reminded me of  the Microsoft Surface :D

RyuGTX 4 years ago

[quote user="Inspector"]

If i could play that game like that it would be so awesome!  When u said a pc in a table it reminded me of  the Microsoft Surface :D



The exact same thing crossed my mind too! At least with the Surface, they had a lot of cool ideas they wanted to implement. But for these two Samsung products, it seems like they were thinking, "We should release one or a few too." They just added a touch feature without really thinking about it. Unless they got a bunch of included programs that take advantage of a touch screen that they haven't divulged any information about yet.


realneil 4 years ago


animatortom 4 years ago


This is why they suck, this is why they suck....Drop it like its not...Drop it like its not....!

I am almost certain in a year, there will be a Samsung Ipad, once the manufacturers over there steal all the designs and tech.

Kyouya 4 years ago

My biggest problem with all-in-one PCs is the lack of customization. I am not happy with the idea that fixes needs to go through the manufacturer because the warranty will be voided if I pry open the PC to fix it myself. For example, if a HDD died, how am I suppose to replace it without voiding the warranty? Although I'm not sure how warranties are now, but from my experience, if you opened the case, the warranty is voided.

moethelawn 4 years ago

Kind of interesting that Samsung is doing this.  I wonder how the HP multi-touch PCs are doing nowadays.  I don't think I see myself getting a multi-touch PC anytime soon

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