Samsung Galaxy Nexus with ICS Smartphone Review

If you've been paying attention to Android smartphones lately, you know there's one device that people have been talking about and eagerly anticipating for a few months now. That phone is the Galaxy Nexus. The reason this phone is so hot is because it is the first smartphone in the US to run Android 4.0, better known perhaps as Ice Cream Sandwich. As the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich is designed to offer a single Android platform that will run on both smartphones and tablets.

There's another key feature about the Galaxy Nexus: It doesn’t have a lot of customizations or UI tweaks from either Samsung (the phone's manufacturer) or Verizon Wireless (who has the exclusive rights to sell this phone US). In other words, you'll get a pure Android 4.0 experience, with some minor exceptions...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus with ICS Smartphone Review

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LLeCompte 2 years ago

Im pretty sure that the Galaxy nexus supports HDMI out through the micro USB port, correct me if im wrong. Also i know this the first one out in america, i would love to see you guys do a review of the HSPA+ version.

DDeveaux 2 years ago

That is correct - the Nexus does indeed support MHL adapters. Galaxy Nexus, MHL adapter + PS3 controller = awesome portable gaming setup. :) Also, the HSPA version really isn't that much different other than the cellular radio and being slightly thinner. Excluding speedtests, benchmarks would be identical.

CSchweppe1 2 years ago

Yes it does support HDMI. I have the GNEX and this cable ( ) and it works fine. idk where they got the info from. It also supports HDMI when using the media dock which you can also find online.

Dave_HH 2 years ago

Duly noted. We will be updating the article shortly. Sorry for the confusion.

RRasmussen 2 years ago

well i have been running ICS the last 3 days on my SGS ^^ (with no crashes and or anything)

AKwyn 2 years ago

While I would of liked it to be a bit more in-depth, this was a good review. Glad to see ICS doesn't disappoint, I am disappointed by the surprising network speeds but I'm hopeful the fix will resolve this. (Depending on whether or not they used an inferior networking chip; I doubt they would though, that'd be a really stupid decision for Samsung.)

Great job Jennifer!

JZhao 2 years ago

dual core.....Quad core 1gb ddr2 dual chanel 2gb............. never stop lag

JZhao 2 years ago

day after, never stop trying new ROM for your fhone. Never know watch one is good long battery life and less l;ag all was going to your dream.

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