Rumor Has It Apple is Planning a Gold iPhone 5S

Similar to Midas, nearly everything Apple touches these days turns to gold. Figuratively, of course, though also in a somewhat literal sense if the rumors about a gold iPhone 5S turn out to be true. A gold iPhone 5S is way on the opposite end of the spectrum of earlier rumors suggesting Apple may release a line of low-cost iPhone models made of polycarbonate plastic.

Why gold? The obvious answer is that it's a symbol of luxury. Plus, it's apparently one of the "easiest colors to anodize onto an iPhone," according to Rene Ritchie of iMore. If Apple is indeed venturing away from offering just black and white models (the polycarbonate iPhones are rumored to ship in various color options similar to the newest iPod touch models), then the question becomes, why not a gold option?

Gold iPhone
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Some might view it as tacky or too far over the top, even for Apple, but that can be rectified by using a lighter shade of gold and being selective in which parts of the phone are blinged out. Either way, there will be buyers, and as TechCrunch points out, gold is a popular color option in Chinese and Indian markets.
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ScottRRedman one year ago

This is a textbook example of how ridiculous the Cult of Apple has become; each new version of the iPhone brings minute, nearly irrelevant feature changes from its predecessors, yet the zealots continue to fall all over themselves like it's the second coming. Now they're bringing the same phone out in a gold-anodized shell that would be tacky on a limited-edition Pokemon game, and it's worthy of a breathless news story as if it were the Apples of Idunn?

Sevags one year ago

I would never buy a gold colored electronic device, or much else for that matter. Anything painted gold, whether real gold plate or just paint, always looks gaudy/tacky. I can't help but think of Vertu and their phone offerings when I think of a gold iPhone.

FosterAngelo one year ago

expect alot of people to fall behind on their rent just to get one.

TRoemhildt one year ago

"Somewhere inside of this thing, there is a gold-coated processor. It' so revolutionary, you have no reason NOT to skip feeding your kids for a week to buy one!"

SmogHog one year ago

The NEW Apple>Gimmicks and Lawsuits>no innovation.

I'm waiting for an LG made Nexus 5 but might consider a Note III.

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