Psystar Says First Mac Clones are Shipping

While the rest of the world tries to figure out if this company is legit or not, Psystar keeps chugging along.  And now, they say their first PCs are shipping!

So, is it a hoax or not? Mac clone builder Psystar has experienced in just one week all the good and bad today’s Internet has to offer: The possible availability of a cheap Mac clone spread like wildfire through the Internet last week, confusion about its address and payment processor attracted the wrath of the Internet and most of us concluded that, yes, some things are too good to be true and Psystar may have been just a hoax. But, as of today, we know that the company is back online and may have sorted things out: It even claims that orders are being shipped.

After all the criticism and speculation that hit the company last week, it appears that Psystar is back on track and in fact shipping its first Mac clones.

Sure, sure that's all wonderful.  The site say they're shipping.  But a) has anyone taken the chance on these guys (not too bad a gamble if you use a credit card, after all), and b) has anyone gotten any tracking info yet?  Readers?
Via:  TG Daily
Crisis Causer 6 years ago

No way in hell I'd order one.  Even if I had the cash and will to do so, I would not trust that the product would ever arrive.  Though I am curious to see if any one has ordered one and if so when it arrives. 

vicaphit 6 years ago

I can't say I would buy one even if they were the most reliable machines on the planet.  I can't stand macs and their users.

ice_73 6 years ago

haha this is like a oem mac, i guess since macs moved to intel this would of eventually happened. before on powerpc it was impossible since there was no way to buy any parts at all apart from the apple store....  

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Apparently a lot of people are ordering, which surprises me.  See here: 

digitaldd 6 years ago

I have an amex gift card for $500 where if i didn't need the money for my upcoming vacation I might have been inclined to use it for one of these. 

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