Panasonic Announces Triple-Sided 100GB Blu-ray Disc

Are Blu-ray Discs blossoming up in size? That's the latest word on the street! We have heard of BD discs getting theoretical boosts in laboratories, but it's still a 50GB maximum when it comes time to find one in the store. But now, a report from Japan stated that Panasonic is planning to release a 100GB rewritable Blu-ray Disc that's actually compatible with the existing BD-rewritable format that already exists. The trick is that the disc will be a single-sided three-lay disc, rather than dual-layer. Throwing a whole extra layer in definitely enables much more space to be addressed.

Panasonic claims that this is the world's first BD-RW with a capacity of 100GB, with the new disc having a 2x record speed and able to hold around 12 hours of digital TV. Consumers will need to pick up a BDXL recorder in order to take advantage, and there's just no telling how awfully expensive these will be when they eventually ship. Even the 50GB discs are wildly expensive to hazard a guess on these?

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omegadraco 3 years ago

Nice to see progress but I am sure they will be too rich for my blood. I wish I had a Blu-ray burner as it is so that I could perform an additional backup of my personal files on one disc.

LLeCompte 3 years ago

I 2nd that draco, blu-ray is nice but still pricey.

der meister 3 years ago


lipe123 3 years ago

can optical media please just die?!

The lifetime of pretty much any optical disc is barely a year with VERY light use. Why cant everyone just invest more in things like SSD's.

omegadraco 3 years ago

I have heavily used optical media for 5+ years with no scratches or errors popping up. Do you store your discs on the floor... It is far better than a floppy disk and a hell of a lot easier to carry than 3 lb external hard drive. SSD's have a limited read/write cycle as well eventually they will die.

JOMA 3 years ago

I wouldn't use it for file backup but I guess if movies ever needed this much room or you wanted to back up files and ship it somewhere it would be good.


The thread title really got me in here because I was wondering how something like a disc could be triple sided.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

Ha, I second the triple sided comment, I did a double take. But I disagree with optical media dieing. Maybe I'm old fashioned but there is something reassuring about backing up a project on a dvd and storing it away. I like the idea that if someone steals my computer and external hard drive that they will most likely leave the random dvd's alone. Seriously though 100GB?? That is crazy.

inspector 3 years ago

Because these things are still needed in the media world. Im not going to buy a movie on a SSD... lol. And yes you might say get a digital copy of it, well not everyone has access to this or enjoys this. I don't enjoy streaming it or waiting for it to download.

But one thing is, WHY? Is 100GB Disk really going to be usefull??? lol

rapid1 3 years ago

Every new technology is pricey, not to mention the fact that I am sure eventually a 4 layer one will be available, then this becomes last generation.

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