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Opera Mini 6 And Mobile 11 Browsers Hit The Web

Opera Mini 6 And Mobile 11 Browsers Hit The Web

Mobile, mobile, mobile. Is there anything else? 2011 is most certainly shaping up to be a year where mobile is focused on intently, and it's not just from a hardware standpoint. It's also from a software standpoint. Particularly in the mobile browser world, there's an intense level of competition shaping up, and even names like Opera (which had largely faded in recent years) is making a comeback primarily based on their mobile endeavors.

This week, Opera is introducing Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11, two new mobile browsers that can be used on over 3000 devices. If you're wondering what the new builds offer, there's improved scrolling, panning and zooming; pinch-to-zoom; easy in-browser sharing with social networking sites; and a brand new interface. The Opera Mini browser uses Opera’s servers to shake, rattle and roll webpages down to a tenth of their original size before sending them to your phone. Because the data transferred is smaller, pages arrive faster than the speed of sound. On a pay-as-you-go plan, the Opera Mini browser dramatically cuts the price you pay, because the data you use is greatly reduced.

It's a pretty smart sounding browser, but it has a lot of competition considering that Firefox 4 for mobile is also breathing down its neck. The good news is that it's a free download, so you definitely won't be out anything for trying. The Opera Mini 6 browser works with J2ME, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian/S60 phones. while the Opera Mobile 11 browser works on the Android, Symbian, Windows 7 desktop (labs release), MeeGo (labs release) and Maemo (labs release) platforms.
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On and on it grows and grows, I wonder how long until the largest percentage of cell phone users in America/Canada have a smart phone. I don't mean a lot here I mean predominate. This looks like a great smart phone browser as do several others, there is also a large amount of browsers that are specifically mobile only in the mobile browser war. It is much more pronounced as well as divided on this platform, than it is on the Desktop/Laptop/Netbook sector of the market where it is pretty much 3 browsers which are at least dominant (IE, FF, Chrome). Yes there are other browsers, but there amount of users is nowhere near having much hold on the market.

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