Office Mobile For iPad and iPhone Review

Office for iPad is finally here, and for once, the term “finally” is truly justified. For nearly as long as the iPad has been available, general consumers and enterprise users alike have been clamoring for Microsoft’s suite of document editing tools. In fact, the dearth of Office on iPad enabled an entire ecosystem to grow, with the likes of Quickoffice and DocsToGo stepping in to fill the void. Eventually, Apple’s own iWork suite was unleashed on iOS for free, which also helped bridge the gap. But even still, there has been a void: you can imitate Office and get by, but there was real, no bona fide replacement for the original...

Office Mobile For iPad and iPhone Review

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Jaybk26 8 months ago

I've become less and less enchanted with the Microsoft Office suites. It's starting to feel like slowly migrating to Gmail and Google Docs is the best solution for almost every user.

basroil 8 months ago

Google docs is a joke, I have issues with their PDF parsing, reading even simple docx files results in almost unreadable garbage. Perhaps if you only use simple text files is enough, but don't think for a second anyone takes that garbage suite seriously.

As for gmail, their mandatory google+ pages were a final straw. I'm moving away from gmail after using it for almost exactly a decade (I was one of the second batch invite beta users) as my primary. I find works better even on my android phone!

Unless you don't actually need productivity software, you can't even think about replacing office with google doc

WendellBeverly1 8 months ago

I like the fact that you can read and access existing documents for free, and only have to pay anything to create new Office documents.

Working for a company that is heavy Office reliant allows iPad users better accessibility.

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