Oculus Rift VR Headset Price Tag Rumored At $499 With Summer Launch

We’ve been following the development of the Oculus Rift for some time, and for as exciting as the device has been in theory, glowing reports from CES about the new Oculus Rift “Crystal Cove” prototype and its improvement on the last prototypes makes the headset downright tantalizing.

There are still big questions left answered, notably how much the Oculus Rift will cost at retail and when we can all go buy one, but Forbes reporter Jason Evangelho did some sleuthing and has an idea: $499, coming this summer.

Oculus Rift Crystal Cove

The Oculus Rift will be sold (at least in some instances) with the equally amazing Virtuix Omni gaming treadmill and software from the Virtual World Web (the package will be called the “Holodeck”), and CEO of Virtual World Web Brian Shuster told Evangelho that the whole kit and kaboodle will cost $999 when it launches this summer.

Virtuix Omni

We already know that the Virtuix Omni costs $499, so even assuming that the software is thrown in gratis, a little arithmetic tells you that the Oculus Rift component will also cost $499 (or $500, if you want to get technical). Perhaps that number represents a bundle discount on the Oculus Rift, but even so, this gives us a pretty solid idea of where the device will land on the price scale.

$500 is not pocket change, but for serious gamers or even families willing to splurge a bit on entertainment, that’s a reasonable number.
Via:  Forbes
ByronHarker 11 months ago

ouch. a bit steep.

Johnny3D 11 months ago

Seems like $500 is set too high. I think $200-$300 would be better (though perhaps not possible).

Either way... I'm saving up for and buying an Oculus Rift.

LucioGarcia 11 months ago

im pretty sure they will go down in price due to mass production but that is a bit much for a lotttttt of gamers specially the ones that only game about one or twice a week or don't understand the tech. i wont but it now but i will as soon as it becomes set in stone that it will change the transition of video games.

acarzt 11 months ago

Hmmm.. Very interesting... I might have to get the combo. I'd like to be able to try it out first though... And i'd have to convince the wife to let me set this thing up somewhere lol

sevags 11 months ago

Well I have to say $500 is a lot but then in reality it isn't at all. It's the price of a mid to high PC monitor, which it takes the place of and does a lot more than just a standard monitor. Compared to other decide in it's range (I mean look how little Google Glass and and then look at the price.

The biggest issue I have with jumping on board is not knowing if my laptop will be able to handle gaming on it. The 2nd is I would also want the Omni, further raising the price....

But you better believe I'm buying one of these and it wi be before I buy either of the new gen consoles.

CDeeter 11 months ago

I'm with you on this one, considering I just dropped over 500 on a video card. No this isn't a budget item, but for a real functioning VR device, I think that's fair.

I think BF4 would be amazing, or pretty much any FPS on this!

I haven't followed this real super close, but running this on laptop might be asking a bit much. Any idea what they were they using at CES Dave ?

MichaelMartinez 11 months ago

We all read the same article right? A third party is selling a package. There are three items (the treadmill, the rift, and the content). Since we know content is not free, we can be pretty sure that the cost of the rift will be somewhere in the neighborhood of  $1000 - x - y, where x is the cost of the virtuix, and y is the cost of the content. So unless there is a company who has hired a ceo to make content valued at one dollar, the guy who write this article, and the people who believe his price estimate are... not thinking. The approximate price of the rift has been circulating for over a year now. $300.

Dave_HH 11 months ago

MM, I think our headline is pretty clear. It says 'Headset" ... $499 for the headset. The rest of the package is of course a variable or multiple variables.

Atticus14 11 months ago

I definitely want one. I don't buy many items for their full launch MSRP, but the rift might just be worth it, my only reservation is will they have a killer app that will keep you using it, or will content slowly trickle out and be better off buying the next version when its more established. 500 is pretty steep for a "only pull it out to show your friends type of toy". Of course it may be different if movies are way more enjoyable with it and you would use it a lot...I just need see for myself haha. Can't wait till demos are in stores (hopefully).

bmoose 11 months ago

Just had to register to say this:

The story you are referencing is COMPLETELY bogus. No truth in it. The Rift will NOT be releasing this summer, and will for sure be cheaper than $500. It is completely (wrong) speculation. This has been confirmed on the Oculus Rift's forums by Oculus staff.

BradLawrence 11 months ago

If you people could stop posting "articles" ripped from a story that was confirmed bonus minutes after it was posted, that would be great.

scolaner 11 months ago

bmoose and BradLawrence--It's not completely bogus. It's speculation and rumor, yes (which we're clear about), but it's entirely possible that this company accidentally revealed info that it wasn't supposed to. Loose lips at trade shows is a common occurrence.

And Oculus' protestations don't mean much until they get around to revealing the exact details of pricing and release dates themselves.

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