New JXD S7100 MID Feels Awfully Familiar

If the website and slogan (“We are different”) that are clear Apple rip-offs are any indication, JXD’s new S7100 MID borrows heavily from other companies...and presumably doesn’t have the rights to anything the device does.

The S7100 is an Android-based tablet designed to play arcade and older ROMs, or as the site says: “Apple games, Android games, Sony games, Nintendo games, Arcade games, Sega games”. The JXD website specifically features the likes of MarioKart 64, Fruit Ninja 3D, Metal Slug, and more.

Under the hood, the device runs on an ARM Cortex A9 chip and features 2-16GB of onboard storage, 512MB of internal DDR2 memory, an 800x480 7-inch touchscreen, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, and HDMI out. The game buttons include a D-pad and PlayStation buttons. Under Extras, the specification chart simply says “Gravity”.
Via:  JXD
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JStewart 3 years ago kinda cool, actually.

RTietjens 3 years ago

I would never buy a device without gravity.

Manduh 2 years ago

I like the looks of this for sure, even if it is 'familiar'. It looks comfortable enough for the button placement and hand positioning for playing games on. The specs aren't too shabby either!

micheal3498 2 years ago

nice job,does this console really support the latest super mario 3d? such as this one?

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