NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Tested, Burned In

Nowadays, when you go to a movie theater, chances are you'll have the option of watching new releases in either 2D or 3D. Moreover, HDTVs and Blu-ray players now offer 3D capable features that bring stereoscopic technology right into your living room. Of course, PC gaming is also on the bandwagon as hundreds of games support 3D  out of the box. It's obvious we're heading toward a world where every facet of entertainment is available in 3D.  For months, we've read about NVIDIA's implementation of this concept and expected to see it launched in conjunction with the release of their Fermi graphics cards. Although the hardware necessary to set up NVIDIA Surround is widely available, the drivers needed to run it have been missing in action... until now.  

NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround Tested

Today, NVIDIA is ready to release 3D Vision Surround technology to the masses. With the release of their latest driver, users can connect three 3D Vision capable monitors to a pair of GeForce videocards to experience cutting-edge gaming that promises to provide a level of immersion never seen before on the PC. Of course, there are several differences between NVIDIA's technology when compared to other multi-monitor gaming solutions, and we'll provide you with those details on the following pages
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acarzt 4 years ago

This is cool and all... But I still think 3D gaming and movies are just a gimmick.

And Gaming across multiple screens has been around for a very long time... it's just that now ATI and Nvidia gave it catchy names.

I never really was a huge fan of multi monitor gaming to begin with tho. I just can't get over the annoyance of the bezel. I would rather game on 1 large screen.

I do, however, enjoy having 3 screens for work :-) It makes multi-tasking soooooo much easier.

InfinityzeN 4 years ago

True, three monitors really are great for working.  Heck, you I can easily have six docs opened at the same time and have them each in actual size display all at the same time.  Works great when you have a lot of different source material your pulling from.

animatortom 4 years ago
Most things like the automobile or TV start out as a gimmick!
It is just a fun little add on until it gets fully functional and implemented. I do know that the added 3D camera in Maya is pretty cool, and I would work like that all the time if it were possible. I just don't like having the red/Blue glasses on all the time, plus the paper starts cutting into your ears. If these were comfortable for long hours without headache it would be nice for 3D work.
It does make more sense if you can set up your PC as an Home Theater PC with 3D capabilities.  Then you could avoid all those other components like a new 3D Bluray player or receiver.
dlim783 4 years ago

Nvidia 3d Vision is basically an investment for companies. E.G. Wall Street.

lifeskills 4 years ago

I just built a computer for gaming and web/video production.  During my research, AMD was all about Eyefinity and Nvidea was talking 3d.  I had heard of Nvidea's Surround, but had tested 3dVisoin at Frys and it sucked.  The glasses made everything dim and the 3d was barely noticable.  Would love to have another go at it with updated drivers and surround.


I went ahead and built my system around AMD/ATI.  Got one 5850, and my next move was to buy two more 24" monitors.  After reading this, Im thinking I might need another 5850 to push an acceptable framerate through Eyefinity.  any thoughts? 

AKwyn 4 years ago

I don't think 3D Vision Surround is ready for primetime, while I do appreciate the surprising performance in certain games, I think as games get physically more demanding with DX11 then 3D Vision Surround can't keep up, this was evident in the DiRT 2 demo where it wasn't even playable under DX11. I appreciate what NVIDIA is trying to do and I do like the fact that they can do it in 3D but I don't think it's ready.

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