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Microsoft Debuts $679 Surface 2 Tablet With AT&T 4G LTE

Microsoft Debuts $679 Surface 2 Tablet With AT&T 4G LTE

We found that Microsoft’s Surface 2 is a solid-enough tablet, but a new version launching tomorrow is bringing a much-needed feature with 4G LTE connectivity. In order to be a true mobile device, in the sense that you can stay connected anywhere you might find yourself, the Surface needed mobile broadband capabilities.

The new version, the Surface 2 (AT&T 4G LTE), offers (you guessed it) mobile broadband connectivity on AT&T’s network, and it comes with 64GB of onboard storage. You’ll pay a pretty penny for the device, as it comes in at $679 compared to $549 for a 64GB WiFi-only Surface 2. (The 32GB Surface 2 is $499.) The price includes 200GB of free OneDrive storage for a year.

Microsoft Surface 2

Surface accessories are fine items, but they also tend to be pricey. However, for a limited time at least, you can snag a black Touch Cover, 2-year warranty, $25 Windows App card, and Incipio sleeve for $169 instead of the regular $243.98.

You can buy your own Surface 2 (AT&T 4G LTE) starting tomorrow at the Microsoft Store or Best Buy.
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I have many friends who enjoy their surface 2, I had the original surface and now use the Nokia 2520 as my on the go tablet with 4g LTE. As much as I enjoy the Nokia and think the new surface 2 is a great improvement on the 1st gen, I still feels like it needs more, I think Microsoft should get rid of the of the RT platform and start with the low powered atom as its entry. Yes the walled echo system of RT keeps it as virus free as possible but I feel like it needs to do more, there is the pro line series but with it comes more weight and bulk, the Baytrail proved it can compete with android and iOS tablets on price and weight while handling more task than the two. I tried the offering from Asus(T100) and its a nice windows tablet but would prefer the build quality that the surface brings to the table and for a little extra $$ I'd like a Wacom digitizer.. the ThinkPad 2 tablet was great though a little expensive at its initial arrival.. with the prices coming down maybe Microsoft could give us a middle ground atom like tablet and if they insist on keeping RT, then its time to join that with the phone OS.

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