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Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 Family Pack

Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 Family Pack

Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed a Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack, as well as the date the first people can get their hands on the RTM build.

As far as the Family Pack goes, Microsoft confirmed there will be a Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack option, but did not confirm the pricing. The pack will allow users to install Windows 7 on up to 3 PCs.

Here's how the bits will rollout, according to Microsoft, to different groups and organizations (OEMs will receive Windows 7 RTM software images beginning approximately 2 days after Windows 7 officially RTMs):

Aug. 6:
ISV (independent software vendor) and IHV (independent hardware vendor) "partners" can download via Microsoft Connect or MSDN, as can IT pros with TechNet subscriptions and developers with MSDN subscriptions. The English version will be available Aug. 6th and other languages Oct. 1st.

Aug. 7: Volume License customers with existing Software Assurance (SA) licenses can download via the Volume License Service Center.

Aug. 16: Microsoft Partner Program Gold / Certified Members can download via the Microsoft Partner Network.

Aug. 23: Microsoft Action Pack subscribers will be able to download English, with other languages by Oct. 1.

Sept. 1: Volume License customers without a Software Assurance (SA) license can buy through volume licensing starting Sept. 1st.

Oct. 22: It's here. Official launch date for retail copies of Windows 7, as well as PCs with Windows 7 pre-installed. Microsoft noted that pre-ordered copies of the software should also arrive around this date, depending on the retailer.
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Not sure if I want to fork out cash yet for Win 7 Surprise At least we have the RC for a while to come.

One large tech retailer (similar to best buy but down here) is offering an "install" service for Win 7 (you have to buy your own copy first) at a price of NZ$77.

I think they're trying to scam people who don't know anything. Wink That is about US$50!!

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ROFL; a service to install windows, that's funny. All you have to do for that is stick the DVD in. I'll do that for 50 bucks for as many people that want it. I couldn't do it that way though. I would have to do a custom install.

That just shows how large a percentage of the population is still scared of technology. I am sure the company charging is going to install it default from the DVD, and make sure it's updated (which is full auto with WIN 7 anyway), then leave for 50 bucks I'd do that all day (as fast as WIN 7 install is, I could do 6 or more a day easy).

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