Microsoft And Nokia Agree On Agreeing; Phones Coming In 2012

We never really assumed that this wasn't a done-deal, but now it's truly a done-deal. There's no turning back for Nokia, who has just revealed a "definitive agreement" with Microsoft to utilize their Windows Phone 7 operation system on smartphones. The deal is likely being announced to give consumers and analysts alike a bit of heads-up when it comes to progress. Many have wondered exactly how long it would take Nokia to effectively integrate WP7 into their wares, and it looks like the partnership is humming along ahead of schedule.

There's reportedly been "significant progress" on incorporation, and now the two are diving headfirst into "a portfolio of new Nokia devices." The company's already porting key applications and services to operate on Windows Phone and joint outreach has begun to third party application developers. As of now, the only real date to focus on is 2012; that's when it's scheduled to have WP7 Nokia devices shipping en masse. And with Nokia's marketshare dipping below 30% this week, the partnership definitely needs to bear fruit sooner rather than later.

Nokia and Microsoft Sign Definitive Agreement Ahead of Schedule

Key contributions to new global mobile ecosystem agreed and significant progress made on engineering of new products.

ESPOO, Finland and REDMOND, Wash. – April 21, 2011 - Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement on a partnership that will result in a new global mobile ecosystem, utilizing the very complementary assets of both companies. Completed ahead of schedule, the definitive agreement is consistent with the joint announcement made on February 11.

In addition to agreeing to the terms of their partnership, including joint contributions to the development of the new ecosystem, Nokia and Microsoft also announced significant progress on the development of the first Nokia products incorporating Windows Phone. With hundreds of personnel already engaged on joint engineering efforts, the companies are collaborating on a portfolio of new Nokia devices. Nokia has also started porting key applications and services to operate on Windows Phone and joint outreach has begun to third party application developers.

"At the highest level, we have entered into a win-win partnership,” said Stephen Elop, President and CEO of Nokia Corporation. “It is the complementary nature of our assets, and the overall competitiveness of that combined offering, that is the foundation of our relationship.”

"Our agreement is good for the industry,” said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. “Together, Nokia and Microsoft will innovate with greater speed, and provide enhanced opportunities for consumers and our partners to share in the success of our ecosystem.”

The relationship is structured around four broad areas:

1. A combination of complementary assets, which make the partnership truly unique, including:

Nokia to deliver mapping, navigation, and certain location-based services to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Nokia will build innovation on top of the Windows Phone platform in areas such as imaging, while contributing expertise on hardware design and language support, and helping to drive the development of the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft will provide Bing search services across the Nokia device portfolio as well as contributing strength in productivity, advertising, gaming, social media and a variety of other services. The combination of navigation with advertising and search will enable better monetization of Nokia’s navigation assets and completely new forms of advertising revenue.

Joint developer outreach and application sourcing, to support the creation of new local and global applications, including making Windows Phone developer registration free for all Nokia developers.

Opening a new Nokia-branded global application store that leverages the Windows Marketplace infrastructure. Developers will be able to publish and distribute applications through a single developer portal to hundreds of millions of consumers that use Windows Phone, Symbian and Series 40 devices.

Contribution of Nokia’s expertise in operator billing to ensure participants in the Windows Phone ecosystem can take advantage of Nokia’s billing agreements with 112 operators in 36 markets.

2. Microsoft will receive a running royalty from Nokia for the Windows Phone platform, starting when the first Nokia products incorporating Windows Phone ship. The royalty payments are competitive and reflect the large volumes that Nokia expects to ship, as well as a variety of other considerations related to engineering work to which both companies are committed. Microsoft delivering the Windows Phone platform to Nokia will enable Nokia to significantly reduce operating expenses.

3. In recognition of the unique nature of Nokia’s agreement with Microsoft and the contributions that Nokia is providing, Nokia will receive payments measured in the billions of dollars.

4. An agreement that recognizes the value of intellectual property and puts in place mechanisms for exchanging rights to intellectual property. Nokia will receive substantial payments under the agreement.

With the definitive agreement now signed, both companies will begin engaging with operators, developers and other partners to help the industry understand the benefits of joining the new ecosystem. At the same time, work will continue on developing Nokia products on the Windows Phone platform, with the aim of securing volume device shipments in 2012. The scale of the mutual commitment from both companies is significant and is in keeping with the intention to build a new ecosystem based on a long-term, strategic partnership.
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omegadraco 3 years ago

2012 actually seems like a long way off for them to get some devices out in the world. By then the WP7 platform will be over a year old and they may lose even more market share.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

@omegadraco I agree, I was just saying this the other day. They need to step it up if they are going to play with the big boys in 2012. Most likely iphone 5 will be released by then and a slew of awesome android phones. And aren't ice cream 2.4 and ios 5 supposed to be released before then too? I wish them the best of luck, competition is always welcomed in my book.

rapid1 3 years ago

I will be interested to see where this actually goes. Microsoft to me has not really even hit this market point yet. There phones are generally very low in user base up so far.

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