Marvell's SheevaPlug PC Looks Like A Wall Wart

Remember the Jack PC? Hello, competition! It's pretty amazing, really -- the device pictured here is a full fledged headless PC, capable of handling pretty much every basic task that even a modern day netbook could. Designed and sold by Marvell, the Plug Computer (or the SheevePlug, officially) is a self-contained computer that simply plugs into an AC outlet.

The entire computer looks like an average wall-wart, with a 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of flash storage, 512MB of DDR2 RAM, USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. As expected, the power draw here is quite low, and the operating system baked in is built on Linux. Sehat Sutardja, Marvell’s chief executive and co-founder, went so far as to say that there simply "isn't much in there."

As for uses? It could power a home automation service, it could act as a network server for other machines in your home or simply manage your home surveillance system. Honestly, the applications are nearly limitless so long as the demands aren't too high. In fact, what would you do with one of these? They're available today for $99, you know.
Engel5272 5 years ago

Cheap, inexpensive to run webserver.

This thing is absolutely perfect for a webserver someone would want to run, but didn't want to keep a machine up and running constantly for it. This thing must use much less power, and if your webpage has problems fitting on the built in storage, throw a flash drive into the usb port and your all set.

Kiristo 5 years ago

Some kind of hidden computer is what I'm thinking. Pretty small, would be easy to put anywhere. Not exactly sure what one would put on a hidden computer though.

digitaldd 5 years ago

You could put a Sheevaplug inside a network monkey and do even more damage than with the FON router. ;)

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