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Marvell Ships 88SS9187 SATA 6Gb/Sec SSD Controller

Marvell Ships 88SS9187 SATA 6Gb/Sec SSD Controller

What's an SSD without a controller? A reckless SSD. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, these controllers are vital to the performance and uptime of a solid state drive, and Marvell's delivering a new kid on the block for use with what could end up being your next unit. The company this week announced mass deployment of the 88SS9187 SATA controller, a 6Gb/sec unit that includes on-chip RAID functionality, an enhanced ECC engine, improved NAND control logic and SATA Rev. 3.1 compliance. It's engineered to meet the news of both consumers and enterprise users, and the company states that a significant number of high-profile SSD manufacturers are set to deploy Marvell's newest solution immediately, with additional partners expected to integrate 88SS9187 implementations later this year.

Marvell's newest SSD controller boasts an open, world-class architecture that supports industry-standard, high-speed NAND Flash interface up to 200MB/s per channel. The 88SS9187 also offers a groundbreaking correction capability thanks to its high performance ECC engine with Adaptive Read and Write Scheme and on-chip RAID functionality to allow use of the latest generation of NAND Flash devices in the fast-growing SSD markets.

Keep an eye out for who is controlling your next SSD: might just be Marvell!
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Lets hope for lower prices too. The price of SSD drives has been kept artificially high for years. This isn't mere speculation. I recall when the market was caught red handed in recent years fixing the price of memory, LCD screens etc. They (BIG Business) were guilty of collusion, theft, and racketeering. BUT since the fines are so small they just don't care. Pay off the right people and prices can stay high. Granted, there is a normal period when a new product is introduced that prices are high until it is adopted. This isn't what we are seeing with SSD technology.  Now, if all the makers of SSDs established an agreement between themselves that they would constrain production to a certain level (and I'm not saying this isn't happening) then it's collusion. There's a decent chance it's happening here, just don't automatically equate a business trying to maintain a decent margin on a product to unfair business tactics.

From Toms Hardware..Samsung, Toshiba, Etc Fined For Price Fixing
Over in Europe, a handful of chipmakers were fined by the European Union for illegally fixing prices. The names of the alleged companies include Elpida, Hitachi, Hynix, Infineon, Mitsubishi, Nanya, NEX, Samsung, and Toshiba. Micron was also accused of price fixing, however the company escaped the heavy fines in return for ratting out the other nine.

The EU said that the price-fixing operation covered 1998 to 2002, and featured a network of contacts that shared secret company information. Apparently they all agreed to set a fixed price for DRAM chips sold to major PC makers.........
LCD price fixing settlement: The Real Deal

    If you recently bought a device with an LCD screen, you could soon get some money back. New York is in line for millions of dollars as part of a huge settlement with a number of electronic manufacturers. The State Attorney General says they were involved in a price-fixing conspiracy, which led to consumers paying artificially inflated prices.

    Recognizable names like Epson, Hitachi, Samsung and Sharp are involved in the scheme. Seven corporations in all have agreed to pay $553 million to a total of 24 states. New York's portion could add up to $11 million.

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Lets hope for lower prices too.

Your preachin' to the choir on this subject!

But, prices have come down a lot lately and I hope that they continue to do so for a long time.

I'll wait a while and read some reviews before I buy into any drive with this controller. It may be absolutely great, but I'll let others ride the bleeding edge with something that will probably cost a lot anyways.

My latest SSD (a Mushkin Chronos 240GB) has a Sandforce Controller in it. It's supposed to get 560MBs reads and 525MBs writes. (I got to get it in gear and install that thing soon)

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