Mac Sales Move Up, PCs Still on Top

Before we get bombarded with emails and angry comments, let's clear the air real quick. We're well aware that by a technical definition, a Mac is a PC (personal computer). But when we use the term, we're generally referring to Windows-based PCs (and sometimes Linux). Clear? Awesome.

That said, according to IDC's latest figures, Mac sales posted double-digit growth for the fourth quarter of 2010, while PC vendors like HP, Dell, and Acer all declined. Even so, Apple still dropped a couple of notches for the year's last quarter, falling to fifth place behind HP (No. 1), Dell (No. 2), Toshiba (No. 3), and Acer (No. 4).

Overall, there was weak demand for Macs and PCs in the fourth quarter, which the IDC attributed to "consumer fatigue."

"The U.S. market was expected to shrink year-over-year given the exploding growth experienced in the fourth quarter of 2009," IDC noted. "Growth steadily slowed throughout 2010 as weakening demand and competition from the Apple iPad constrained PC shipments."

The IDC also pointed out that 'good enough' computing experiences with existing PCs also played a role in weakened demand. Or in other words, the hardware has finally caught up, and surpassed, the software side (power users notwithstanding).
Via:  IDC
gibbersome 3 years ago

Apple is not a technology company as much as a luxury brand. Their practice of releasing a slightly updated version of each of their devices every year might be causing a bit of consumer fatigue, but the demand is there and seems to be growing.

inspector 3 years ago

Sooner or later the mac will over power pc, just saying because all those non-tech people out there over power us tech people. They will most likely get a mac just for it brand and we will stick to pc and maybe have a mac laying around :)

gibbersome 3 years ago

@Inspector Another clunker of an operating system like Windows Vista, and a lot more people will migrate over to Apple.

realneil 3 years ago

Vista is why I bought my iMac. Vista was a steaming turd of an OS and didn't even work properly until it's Service Pack-1 came out.

Windows-7 trumps Vista in every way and it's the reason why I just gave that iMac to one of my sons for school.

The Mac always worked as it was supposed to and without any problems.

3vi1 3 years ago

As long as cheap PC's come with Windows pre-installed, I think Microsoft will maintain >50% market-share. If a significant number suddenly came as dual-boot with any other OS... well... I wouldn't want to be a MS stock holder.

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

Thanks to the success of the I-Pad and the I-Phone, a lot of people are moving to Mac.

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="SammyHayabuza"]Thanks to the success of the I-Pad and the I-Phone, a lot of people are moving to Mac.[/quote]

Most of those who do will like it too.

Lots of people are starting to hear about, and migrate to Linux as well. The numbers are nowhere near the same, but they are growing all of the time. In the past it took a little knowledge and persistence to move to Linux, but now there are several versions of free Linux that install seamlessly and work just as well as any other OS out there. The user experience is pristine and the open source guys have gone the extra mile to make it work like a champ. I use UBUNTU on one of my older boxes.

Windows-7 was a stroke of genius (luck) on Microsoft's part. With it, I can pursue my hobby (gaming) and still do all of my day to day BS without any problems. I have to take a proactive role in making it a secure OS, but that's what I've been doing all along with Windows anyway, so that's nothing new to me. Win-7 is wicked fast and smooth for gaming, and there should be no argument about that. (yes 3vi1, I know that you can game on Linux, but it's just not the same)

So now that my Mac is gone off to university with my son, Windows-7 is gonna be the main OS of choice around here for me.

3vi1 3 years ago

>> yes 3vi1, I know that you can game on Linux, but it's just not the same

Hehe... I completely agree!

Native games work great on Linux (like those in the two Humble Indie Bundles), but running Windows games under Wine can still take a little work and the results will vary greatly.

Until more developers release native Linux ports, hardcore gamers should stick with Windows (at least keep it dual bootable). It's the one area where Windows still excels, even if only by virtue of 3rd party developers.

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