Logitech Intros Web-Savvy Wireless Mouse M325

Another month, another mouse! Logitech's been cranking 'em out at a healthy clip lately, and the company's newest is easy to overlook...from a size standpoint only, of course. The Wireless Mouse M325 is perfect for travel, offering a compact size and a USB Unifying Receiver nub that's tiny enough to leave in your laptop at all times. The company asserts that it's optimized for web browsing, complete with a micro scroll-wheel (offering 4x the ratchets of an average mouse) that's said to make scrolling around a web page far more precise and fluid.

All told, the wheel has 72 rugged, tiny ratchets, while the average mouse has only 18 to 24. This little guy also has a crazy battery life; up to 18 months to be precise, and there's a 3-year warranty as well. It'll be shipping out worldwide later this month, with an MSRP of $39.99 stuck on the US model.

Via:  Logitech
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coolice 3 years ago

Interesting, apart from the improved scrolling... what makes this a better websavvy mouse again? Unless, hmm, i do like the tactile clicky feel of when scrolling up n down... i guess 72 soft clicks is better than 24? haha

But i always thought scrolling was taken care of from a software perspective

omegadraco 3 years ago

I recently bought one of their mice and he scrolling jumps large amounts even when setting the software to scroll one line at a time plus the scroll wheel is way too loose and easy to move. I would like to see the actual size of this mouse though because it says it is compact but looks like a full size mouse in the pictures. The small mice I have used have tended to hurt my hand so I prefer a full size mouse even for travel. I can say the unifying receiver works great.

rapid1 3 years ago

I currently still use Logitech MX 518's on my computer. I would like to upgrade but have not as of yet. While these look nice I like a larger mouse, and also like wired best for the response rate of them VS. wireless.

infinityzen1 3 years ago

Hey rapid, that is why I'm still using a G9x. I much rather a wired mouse, especially one with adjustable weight.

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