Leap Motion Announces Mid-May Shipping For Gesture Controllers, Best Buy Availability May 19

Hot on the heels of the muscle-reading MYO armband gesture input device announcement, Leap Motion is reminding its fans that its own gesture input device will soon be on the market. In fact, the new controllers are going to start shipping the week of May 13. On May 19th, the units will be for sale at Best Buy.

Image Credit: Leap Motion

The Leap Motion Controller looks like an ordinary USB drive. But set it in front of your PC or Mac, and you can control your computer with gestures ranging from your hand motions to individual finger movements. Obviously, there are a lot of potential applications for gesture technology, and Leap Motion has the same plan that most of these budding gesture input companies do: woo developers from the beginning. In Leap Motion’s case, it’s sending more than 10,000 units to developers to build up the catalog in its app store.

And speaking of that app store, Leap Motion also announced that Airspace will be open when the units ship in mid-May. Leap Motion is touting software from Autodesk, Corel, Disney Interactive, and other well-known companies that will be available at the Airspace app store at launch.

Leap Motion has been taking preorders for a while now. The controller is going for $79.99, charged when the unit ships.
Via:  Cnet
epiccollision one year ago

here is a fun proof of concept test 1:sit in front of your computer and wave your arms extended in front of the screen for 1-6 hours...test 2: now type something then wave your hand in front of the screen, repeat for 1-6 hours...now take your new-found knowledge of human bio-mechanics and bet everything you own against this product succeeding.  There's a reason we use our wrists and fingers instead of our elbows and shoulders for fast, precise movements, that is what they are good at.  Dealing with the pain of repetitive stress/overuse syndrome of the upper arms/shoulders is super unfun and expensive, now that's a growth market opportunity.

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