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Late Night Cell use Cuts Into Teens' Sleep

Late Night Cell use Cuts Into Teens' Sleep

This is one of those, "no, you're kidding" type of stories.  You know, the kind where you figure they really didn't need to do a study to determine this type of result.  After all, the way teens are glued to their phones, you would figure this would be the case, wouldn't you?

Researchers in Belgium reported 62 percent of adolescents use their cell phones after bedtime. They attribute cell phone use to 35 percent of cases of adolescents being tired, with levels of exhaustion varying based on the frequency of late-night use and how late into the night teens are talking and texting.

Sleep experts in the United States said these statistics hold true for teens here, too. "The cell phone, not only with speaking, but with the text messaging, interferes with sleep," William Kohler, M.D., medical director of the Florida Sleep Institute in Spring Hill, Fla., told Ivanhoe.

It seems parents, if they sign up for one of those plans that offer parental control, should make sure they can shut off service to their teens' phones when bedtime rolls around.
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Since when to do teens need sleep? When I was a teenager, I used to stay on the phone practically all night with my GF at the time and still mananged to breeze through an honors program at a private school. Heck, the night before my first shot at the SATs, I got into an argument with the girley and drove around until 6am. Came home, showered, took the SATs and still scored a 1260.

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