LG Expects Sales of Google TV-Infused HDTVs To Rise Sharply

Well, well -- the fight for the living room continues. With Microsoft marketing the Xbox One not as a game console, but as an "all-in-one" living room product, it's clear that consumer companies are intently interested in claiming the eyeballs of those plopped down in front of the television. Google TV was Google's own effort to accomplish that, but it never really went anywhere. That said, there's always time for a second chance, and LG is looking to make that happen.

A new Korea Times report suggests that LG Electronics could see its TV sales rise due to integration with Google TV. Presently, it's the only major TV maker that is shipping HDTVs with Google TV built-in. “LG is currently selling Google TVs in the United States. As the collaboration has been effective to increase our brand awareness and has been yielding good returns, LG plans to roll out more models in more countries,” an LG executive said at the Digital Cable TV Show. While LG's selling around 10,000 units per month in the U.S., sales are expected to rise sharply in Korea and other parts of Asia soon.

But here's the question that remains unanswered: what is Google going to add to Google TV, or change about it, to encourage an uptick in demand? The company didn't even mention the product during its recent Google I/O gala, which says a lot about how much it has been neglected.
Via:  Korea Times
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bamcintyre one year ago

I use Google TV in a Logitech box and love it.. especially the wireless keyboard/control for all of my entertainment devices and access to my server. I also use Google Chrome browser and read my Kindle account.

Sevags one year ago

I really did love my 46" Sony Google Tv, a little rough around the edges but it was still plenty usefull I would consider buying another google tv if Samsung were to integrate it otherwise I will just go with a google set top box.

GunnarForsgren one year ago

From a technical point of view having the Android application platform at the heart of a TV set is immensely powerful.

Google should be happy to have LG on board.

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