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Intel Accelerates High Performance Computing

Intel Accelerates High Performance Computing

Intel Accelerates High Performance Computing Clusters

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and DRESDEN, Germany, June 27, 2007 – Intel Corporation today announced new technologies that will advance and accelerate growth of high-performance computing (HPC) – from deskside supercomputers to high-end petaflop-sized clusters. Intel® Cluster Ready and Intel Connects Cables help simplify cluster use and deployment as high-performance computing use expands from academic and scientific realms to more mainstream use in data centers. Increasingly clustered systems are powering a wide variety of activities including medical research, weather forecasting, computer-aided design and financial modeling.

Intel Cluster Ready is a program and technology that helps simplify the deployment, usage and management of clustered computer systems by providing a standardized and replicable way to build clusters and run "off-the-shelf" high-performance applications. The program includes a specification that sets minimum standards for software and hardware components. This enables software developers to validate just one time across many hardware platforms, speeding development and time-to-market readiness...


Intel also unveiled an innovative new technology that will allow organizations to build bigger clusters with improved performance. Intel Connects Cables enable Infiniband and 10 GbE customers to achieve data rates up to 20 Gbps and extend the reach between servers up to 100M. Enterprises can now design clusters based on their own unique business requirements, without being inhibited by cable length.

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10gbps ports on just about any equipment are expensive as it is. I hate to see what this solution costs. Still 20Gbps is pretty impressive. I don't see how the 100m is an improvment over anything though as 100m is the standard now even with 10gbps. You just need to have the right cable to send it over. Obviously you can't send 10Gbase-T over Cat 6 cable at 100m unless of course it is sheilded cable. I am curious to know the make up of these Intel Connects cables. What is the effects with alien crosstalk with them? Obviously using a 100m cable requires feild termination so what are the effects on that? I will be keeping my ears open for any more info on this topic.

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