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Hitachi's 2TB 7200RPM Ultrastar A7K2000 Aims For Enterprise

Hitachi's 2TB 7200RPM Ultrastar A7K2000 Aims For Enterprise

Surely you remember Hitachi's foray into the wide, speedy world of 2TB 7200RPM hard drives, right? Considering that it was less than a week ago, we sure hope so! Now, the company is looking to capitalize on the high-margin enterprise world with the announcement of its strikingly similar Ultrastar A7K2000.

Hailed as the industry's first 7200RPM 2TB "enterprise-class" hard drive, this unit is designed, manufactured and tested to ensure enterprise-class mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) of 1.2 million hours in demanding 24x7 nearline applications. Hitachi claims that it is the ideal enterprise SATA drive for applications such as data warehousing, disk-to-disk backup, cloud computing and massive scale-out storage implementations where storage density, GB-per-watt and cost-per-GB are critical parameters.

Further pushing the corporate speak, the company asserts that the unit features its patented Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) sensor technology, which optimizes drive performance in multi-drive RAID arrays and rack-mounted systems. Also of note, the five-year warranty sure keep business owners from sweating at night. Speaking of performance, the A7K2000 offers a 155 percent improvement in sustained data transfer rates and a 120 percent improvement in watts-per-GB when compared to the company's previous generation Ultrastar A7K1000. There are also five Advanced Power Management modes, which provide a 36% reduction in watts during low RPM idle mode, and use less than 1 watt during standby/sleep modes.

Hitachi tells us that the 2TB version is available now for an undisclosed amount, with a 500GB and 1TB version expected to begin shipping later in the current quarter. 
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