HH Deal of The Day, GeForce GTX 280: $259

For some of you, today is what's known as Good Friday.  And we'd offer that for all of you, it could very well be "gooder" than you think.  If you've been following our coverage of NVIDIA's new line of GeForce GTX 285 cards, you'll note that we were optimistic that the migration of the GT200 GPU to a new 55nm process for the GTX 285, would drive down prices a bit as retailers and distributors blow out their aging inventory of GeForce GTX 280 cards, to make room for the new lower power, optimized version of the GTX 285 cards.  It appears now that things are definitely moving in that direction and we're happy to present you with what we feel is a pretty darn good deal for a top-shelf graphics card.

Though it consumes a bit more power and requires an 8-pin PCIe power connector, as well as a 6-pin plug, we're seeing GeForce GTX 280 cards from BFG filtering into certain etailers like NewEgg at the $279 - $259 mark...

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It also looks like the package that comes with the offering at NewEgg, also includes Call of Duty World at War, to help you stretch your new found frame rate running legs a bit.  Get there soon if you want in!

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