HH Deal of The Day, Alienware M11x, Logitech K350, Planar 27-inch LCD

Today we have a few choice items for you from our friends at LogicBuy.  Let's start with a team favorite here, the Alienware M11x notebook that we put through its not long ago.  Well within budget at $699, here are the specifics:  11.6-inch Dell Alienware m11x Core i3-330UM ULV Gaming Laptop with 1GB GeForce GT 335M discrete GPU and 8GB RAM.

Not to mention super-sharp good looks and impeccable build quality.  Head on over for the coupon code and a look at the config options.

Logitech's Wireless K350 keyboard is up for grabs as well for $44.79, with that shapely wave design built for comfort.

And finally, it seems like LCD pricing continues to fall with reckless abandon.  Planar's 27-inch LCD, with a 2ms pixel response time for smooth 1080p HD content, is a virtual steal at $229 with free shipping.

A 1200:1 contrast ratio is better than a sharp stick in the eye, isn't it?  27 inches of screen real estate ought to let you stretch out a bit too.  Head on over for prime screen real estate.  Location is everything.
Via:  LogicBuy
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ThunderBird 3 years ago

I'm digging the deals Dave another great reason to stay tuned to HH for sure!!

Dave_HH 3 years ago

Glad you like 'em TBird. We're trying to make sure we post up only the good stuff. :)

rrplay 3 years ago

WowZerzs !  me is def digging that Planar 27" screen at 229.00 if it was not for the HH deal it would have been off my radar!

so Thanks Smile


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