Google+: The Best Thing That Could Have Happened To Facebook (And Its Users)

We don’t often call out our blog posts in the news, but we thought this topic would be great to spur some discussion. J.D. just posted a little something in our Something Social blog titled, “Google+: The Best Thing That Could Have Happened To Facebook (And Its Users)”.

Some of the most common complaints regarding Facebook are related to its privacy settings and how cumbersome and sometimes confusing it is to alter them. Since the introduction of Google+, however, Facebook has made some major changes to the way it structures its privacy settings and how accessible they are. From the post, “Facebook went in a new direction based upon the threat that Google+ represents. Today, they announced sweeping changes to simplify and enhance user privacy. People will have more control over how they're tagged in photos and other content with a new feature that allows tags to be reviewed before going live. Perhaps more importantly, they made many of the privacy settings much easier to find.”

There are other details mentioned in the post as well. Check it out and let us know what you think and if Facebook’s changes will make you more or less likely to use the site...

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Inspector 3 years ago

Well now they can't spam tag your name in every picture xD

omegadraco 3 years ago

It's about freaking time that Facebook did a bit more in response to Google+. So far Google+ is pretty quite at least from what I have experienced. But only time will tell what will happen with this battle.

rrplay 3 years ago

yep it sure is about frigging time ..anyone else have some family type pic and there are some younger 'kids' in the photos ?? no need to have young kids names 'tagged' in photos without parental permissions. and these changes are going to make this a bit more comfortable all-around..

Manduh 3 years ago

Did anyone else happen to notice their settings change?

I checked my privacy settings just to make sure nothing changed during this recent privacy update, I was a tad bit mad because a few of my settings were reset to "Everybody" and "Friends of Friends" when I have always had them set at "Friends Only". This happened a while back too, when they changed the privacy settings before. I hate knowing some of my info wasn't protected when I specifically set them to be and FB changes them without me knowing. Grrrr, Sometimes I hate Facebook!

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